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March 12, 2012

Oh look, more nail pics!

These have all been posted to my Instagram, so I will share them with you here now.. and I plan on sharing more nail photos, as I currently do not have the time or motivation to do my makeup these days. I'm really into just wearing powder, and hot pink blush brought up a bit under my eyes, mascara, and lip balm or gloss. VERY simple, but also very striking.


The above look is one I did a few days ago and LOVED IT. The hot pink was placed JUST on the tip, the free-edge, and a little under the nail. It was supposed to look fiber-optic, or like those shitty pink drawing pads that when you press down on them, they turn hot pink.. then you have to lift the plastic to 'clear' your drawing. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??

This photo was taken with my very best friend, Chelsea.. Don't you LOVE the natural heart formation in the rock?! This was at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Maybe I'll post more pictures from our trip there. She visited me in Colorado from Taos, New Mexico before I moved away to California. Unfortunately, She had JUST moved 5 hours away from me.. then we moved!!! We're already planning our next visit =) Enjoy your week!

Most recent nail polish, and top serious NEWS

Hello all! Since my last post a lot has happened; we have moved to Los Angeles, California!!!! We're settling in amazingly.. Our new place is perfect, the weather is to die for, and honestly.. I don't miss Colorado in any way. There must be something about the altitude, cold, lack of humidity, lack of sun, or all of the above that made me feel not quite right/depressed. Ever since I've been here I've felt normal again, my energy has come back, and my skin is getting better. I can say with certainty that I have no desire to move back, and that this was a really good idea =)

Michael is now working for a company called Chiat/Day, the do advertising for Apple, Nike, and other large companies.. He's loving it, and they are respectful of his time and sanity. Here's a video of their badass office: 

And here's what I got for now, more to come more often since I'm actually growing them out =) and sorry for not posting for a long time!!

I used a Color Club - Oh Naturale as the base, and Orly - Sweet Peacock on the tips. Do you like this look? I used to HATE the way Oh Naturale looked on me by itself, but It's interesting with another color.