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December 30, 2010

Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy and Equality. Aromaleigh - Tunnel Vision. (all favorites!)

Ever since I laid eyes on Fyrinnae's Dark Fantasy, it's been a favorite. It's the most perfect dark green I could have ever asked for. Then there's Equality. If you don't own this, you NEED to order it. It's a beige-y base with rainbow sparkles, very reflective and enchanting sparkles. It's perfect for use ALL OVER, just on the inner-v, or however you like. Something I've been doing with it lately is getting some on my finger directly from the jar, and dabbing it around my cheekbones and outer eye area. It creates a cute and charming effect. It's like.. if you feel your look needs a little something extra, this is what you've been forgetting to do =) It can be done with any glitter or sparkle for that matter.. I've been tempted to do an orange look with fuchsia or pink sparkles on my cheeks. Aromaleigh's Tunnel Vision might have escaped your attention at first, but once used it proves to be a total winner. It's not silver, it's actually an antique neutral shade with metallic silver sheen. I'd have named it Silver Screen. Boy did I type a lot. BLOGGING BACKLASH. haha.

-A tip I've been meaning to post: I never ever use eyeliner on the lower lashline anymore. I put Fyrinnae's Pixe Epoxy on with my finger and use a very tiny angle brush to carefully pat on eyeshadow.

-Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy in crease, smoked out. Lower lashline.
-Fyrinnae - Equality on inner-v and under brow, also used to help blend
-AL - Tunnel Vision on inner half of top lid and lower lashline.
- I used regular eyeliner instead of Kryolan this time.
LIPS - Clinique's Creamy Nude lipstick. An amazing nude shade! You need this!

These pics were post-bang disaster, clearly. since this pic was taken over a week ago, they have grown in nicely =)


OH MAN - SUKI I had a dream that we went shopping together!!!

I haven't posted in weeks! Well, here I am. I've been living life, spending my man's 2 week vacation with him and our lil boy, and playing a shiiiit ton of World of Warcraft. I Just enjoyed a glass of wine and spicy chocolate gifted to us by my grandparents.. they are visiting us for a short time and I'm happy about that! I guess I have a lot to type and I'm not even going to try and cut it short. After all the typing I have a few looks I'm going to post tonight but I may not be able to remember everything I used for them!

-Yesterday, I received my last 2 Aromaleigh orders... what a bundle of joy haha
-Today I finally received my first ever Isle of Eden order. The contents were SUPPOSED to be X-mas gifts, but clearly that's not happening anymore since I got them... today. Everything smells freaking amazing and I cannot wait to use some of it! I'm expecting my next order sometime next week.
- TODAY Michael, Jonas and I went to my mom's where my grandparents are staying. We celebrated X-mas together as a whole family and it was awesome. Seriously, 2nd X-mas of the year, double the food (Mexican food hehe), double the gifts! I got a freaking SEWING MACHINE, and everything else I'd need to use it! A cute supply box, a machine travel/storage box, a bunch of different colored thread, supplies, maintenance stuff, an instruction book and dvd... and the sweetest part of the deal is that each family member collaborated to get me all of the stuff.. like, what a gesture. I was made to feel superly loved and important.
- I went to Ulta with BLIX yesterday!!! Michael's mom got me a $40 gift card, so I spent it on BareMinerals powder, 2 LA Splash lip glosses and 1 nail polish, and a Rimmel eyeliner. 1 of the lip glosses is something I've been dying to find - clear gloss with silver glitter. I know, I've been meaning to switch over to Meow's face powder, but like.. why wouldn't I use the gift card to basically get free face powder? haha.
- Not sure if it's because of the New Year approaching, but I got super emotional the other day and had a personal breakthrough about my past that directly affects my 'now'. This is good and I'm thankful for the clarity. It's so awesome to finally be able to let go of something that had been 'eating away' at me and causing me subtle but lingering misery for so long. Why can't it be easy for everyone to really realize and acknowledge in a conscious way.. that life is truly short. Though our souls feel like they will be here forever.. they won't. Learn to get over yourself and laugh through the pain.
-Lastly, I am planning on coloring my roots... purple!!!

ANYWAY, enough of being real, let's get down to the makeup looks. Here's 1, the rest will have their own posts.

The consequence of not posting for weeks is forgetting what the hell I used.. sorry! I know I used all Aromaleigh greens for this look.

December 13, 2010

Boulder, CO - Zing Salon individual stylist review - Whitney

March 19th, 2012 ***This is my most popular post. I get more traffic from this post than any other thing I've shared! I think it's old enough to be irrelevant, and I wouldn't really trust ONE experience to decide whether or not I want to go to a place. To be fair, please read up on Zing at their Yelp! page. granted... they only have 2 stars haha.***

Hello Dear Readers,
This post is going to be about my recent haircut. It's a bit negative, but when someone messes up your hair it's a just cause for anger. I decided to go to a salon in downtown Boulder called Zing with my boyfriends sister, Shannon. It's a very cute and colorful salon with glitter everywhere. They do those awesome feather extensions that are so popular, among other desirable services. Brazilian Blowouts, etc. I'd been there once before and got a great cut by a girl whose name i can't remember.. sadly. If i could, I'd find her and have her cut it again.

INITIAL INTERACTION/FIRST IMPRESSION - THIS time, I got a girl named Whitney. Total college bro type of girl. She said I looked like Kat Von D. which made no sense at all haha. She was generally nice, but i asked her a question at one point and she totally ingored me to talk to another stylist, then turned back to me and was like, 'What were you saying?' HA, good job dude. I showed her the picture of the cut I wanted, which really wasn't that different from my current style. I instructed her to just take off an inch or so from the length and trim up the layers, and that I like the 'shattered look' that Toni&Guy is known for. Here it is:
Whitney looked at it briefly, and never looked at it again.. which is probably why she ended up cutting my bangs WAY.TOO.FREAKING.SHORT. - As most of you know, my bangs were fairly long, and could have easily looked like the above picture, had she cut them properly. When I got home I also realized that the layers around my face were not blended into the rest of the cut at all, and that my hair felt 'thin' which is a terrible feeling. I will never understand why stylists think that every client wants their hair to 'frame their face', seriously.. don't fucking do this unless it's asked of you. My bangs ended up looking like this, instead:
...I can't forget to say that when she cut them, there was a point of hair towards my face, instead of there being a nice curve like side bangs are supposed to have. It was as if she didn't actually know how to cut side bangs.. after I realized my hair was drooping into my face, I showed her this picture, and told her to just cut them straight across.. since I'd been growing my bangs out for months trying to AVOID SHITTY SIDE BANGS.
She asked if I wanted her to soften the edge, and I said no.. I already had something I didn't originally want and thought I'd touch them up at home myself.. I didn't want to risk her cutting them too short again. They looked fine, but the next day I washed them, dried them, and flatironed them. It seriously looked as if she had cut them while drunk. They were uneven, and embarrassing.. even Michael said they looked bad. I called Zing to see if a different stylist could fix them. I went in to a girl named Josey who seemed cool and did her best to even them out. They do look a lot better, but there are still 'chunks' missing. In the future I don't think I'll be letting anyone else touch my bangs =/

The final result.. note the chunk missing on the left and the (still!) unblended sides.

My overall opinion of the salon is that it's a good place to go if you simply want a trim, or something abstract and a little crazy. It's important to mention that Shannon also got her hair cut and styled by Whitney, and she got basically everything she wanted out of it! I am so glad for her. The reason might be that Whitney kept asking ME what she should do for Shannon.. which was a little weird. I would not suggest going there to see Whitney (Sorry girl) based simply on my own individual experience. I hate writing such a harsh review, but when someone isn't careful in trying to give you what you ask for, and looks at the picture you bring in only ONCE.. I think the stylist has plenty of room to grow, and I think the experience was helpful for her.

It's a little weird that this experience made me want to go back to cosmetology school. haha.

December 12, 2010

2 looks.. finally

First look, products used:
-UDPP, and PE as uze
-AL - Diffindo all over inner half of top lid
-AL - Curious dream on inner V and all above and around eye
-AL - Fruminous in crease and lower lashline
the light pink lips - Urban Decay's pocket rocket lipgloss in 'Timothy'

Second look, products used:
-UDPP, PE as uze
- AL - Chronos on top lid and a little on lower lashline
-AL - Frutti di Bosco in crease and outer lower lashline
-pretty sure i also used Meliora and possibly another light purple..
-Purple glitter mixed with Sally Girl glitter glue and brushed carefully on top of liner
-Urban Decays Maui Wowie on inner v

December 9, 2010

shane sings 5 octaves on piano

hello, i am just posting here to motivate me to do a badass look today. my sleep schedule has been QUITE OFF and i started a new habit of drinking coffee everyday so i go to bed later than i should. man, how dumb. anyway, i have 1 makeup look from a few days ago that i will post when jonas takes a nap, and hopefully later (it might be tomorrow) i will post my look from today. i'm thinking of using AL - Chronos with AL - Erebos.. not sure yet. anyway, since this post is kind of a let down since there are no pictures, here is a video that is so freaking funny to me and made me laugh out loud. seee y'all later!

December 7, 2010

Mini-post! Aromaleigh's Psyche and Lillith, Sugarpill Weekender

Here are a few pics from my quick makeup look the other day, I didn't have much time so i just threw on a few AL samples from my recent order and the Sugarpill sample of Weekender that I have never used! I intend to use it better next time since it's SO bright and eye catching. Psyche is also the most reflective silver I own at this point. Check it:

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
-AL - Psyche all over top lid
-AL - Lillith above psyche and blended into since psyche was just so extreme, and inner v
- Sugarpill - Weekender in crease and lower lashline
- Rimmel eye pencil in black gold (or something)
- AL - Chronos patted on top of eyeliner
-SallyGirl baked eyeshadow in white under brow

Orange! camera fail.

Hello Dear Readers,
Today I will share a darkened orange look. I used the brightest orange I own, but somehow the look is still wearable and 'mature'. I used EvilShades - Otherworldy as the bright orange, and my camera totally screwed up some of the pics by making the brightest part a dark muddy blue. I photoshopped 1 of the pics just to try and remove most of the blue.. it didn't go that well but I'm posting it anyway. Also, I have to say that Otherworldy stained my eyelids UNLIKE ANY OTHER SHADOW EVER HAS. It looks disgusting and I can't wait to cover it up with eyeshadow later. Be careful when using this Evil Shade.

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
-EvilShades - Otherworldy all over top lid, and blended into Pumpkinfire on lower lashline
-Detrivore - Gourd in crease
-AL - Luella above Gourd to blend
-AL - Incendio above Luella to blend, also on inner v and under inner brow
-Fyrinnae - Pumpkinfire used on BROWS, lower lashline, and in crease
-Urban Decay - Chopper on inner v and under inner brow
-MAC - Chill under brow to highlight, and under liner wing to highlight
-LIPS- Loreal Endless - Naked Ambition
-NYC liquid lip shine in Sheer Ruby atop the above
-Maybelline Volume mascara (AMAZING)

this is the one i had to fix, kind of =/

December 3, 2010

weirdly pretty color combo.. and some news!

Hello everyone! I want to share how delighted I was to have gone into the Apple store yesterday with an old, broken charger to have it replaced FOR FREE. A brand new charger (new model) for free... normally $80. YAY.

**The news I want to share is.. I will be taking on the task of taking as accurate and high-quality as possible photos for the Evil Shades website!! DUDE, Y'ALL... I am really excited to be doing this. It's an exchange deal Andrea and I arranged via email, then phone call. Also, I believe I will be receiving an up and coming collection from her, so I'll be the first to review it.. keep an eye out for that. **

Here is a look I did a few days ago and LOVED. I started out picking the main color I wanted to use, then chose 2 others that shared a trait. My method of picking colors worked.. check it:

I used:
Fyrinnae - Avian Shapeshifter (one of my all time faves) on top lid
AL - Sabine in crease and lower outer lashline
AL - Gaia above Sabine and under inner brow
Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow, white with blue
Lips - NYC rose lip gloss in Rose Kiss


December 1, 2010

"This is how we do it"

'It's friday night, and I feel alright'.. that's right, I'm listening to some 90's jamz today haha. Here's a sweet look I did the other day (sunday), that has inspired me to be more courageous and wear darker colors, more often. I just started playing WoW again and was inspired to do this dark look by my undead warlock hehe. It was actually very simple, and it looked so beautiful irl. The sparkles in Viviane were insane! I also wore Morgana Cryptoria's lipstick in Othwerworldy just for the pictures. Check it:

I used:
-Morgana Cryptoria - Harbinger on top lashline and up onto lid, also out where liner wing goes
-AL - Viviane - in crease and top lid, blended with Harbinger. on outer lower lashline
-Fyrinnae - Conjuror - middle lower lashline and above crease, blended into the edge of Viviane, and under inner brow.
-AL - Finite on inner V
-Sally Girl Baked eyeshadow, the white one with blue sheen outside of inner V and under brow, also under liner wing
-Meow Cosmetics - Crystalline cat Glow Powder in Canary Diamond applied to cheekbones above blush
-Maybelline Volume mascara, this shit rules and you need to buy it. Michael even asked me if I was wearing fake lashes!
-Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Otherwordly, the purple/blue one
-Lancome lipstick in Simmering. This color is great if you want some color, but not something too dark or dramatic.
-The blush I used in a combination of like 3 different ones in a jar!

Here, you can see where I applied Conjuror under the inner brow, it glows blue and looked so awesome.

Blurry pic included for maximum Sparkle Vision, look at the blue glitter, damn!