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September 30, 2010


plz forgive the lack of posting lately as i have been weirdly busy and am have been sick. i have a cold now! so does jonas! damn wind invasions. i've got a couple looks i'll try and post tomorrow. love y'all <3

here's an inspiring photo, make sure to click on it!

September 28, 2010

salicylic acid post

I have something I'd like to get off my chest.. about the sometimes nasty product, 'Salicylic Acid'. It's in so, SO many skin care products.. mostly in cleansers, but it can also be found in moisturizers and spot creams. It's touted as one of the best acne clearer-uppers on the market, but sadly.. in not only my experience, but friends I've talked to about it, have relayed that it's only made things worse. MUCH, much worse.

In the research that I've done, I've learned that this beta-hydroxy acid is a byproduct from the willow tree.. variation of it can be found in aspirin as well.. I've seen suggestions for problem-skinned people to crush up aspirin and use it as a topical treatment for blemishes.. bad move, yo. Check out this wiki page on: I realize this stuff helps a lot of people shed old skin cells to help bring forth the new, radiant ones.. but not for me. If you have sensitive skin like I do, AND acne problems you might want to steer clear of Salicylic acid. And if you do use it, if things get worse it's probably because of this ingredient!!!

I think it's really important for people to know what ingredients are actually the most important, and widely used in the industry so that they can find better products that suit their individual needs. I hope that if anyone reading this has problems that don't seem to be going away, check the ingreedz on your skin care bottles! It has taken me a REALLY LONG TIME to get to where I am today, and I'm still learning new things about how my skin reacts to certain products. Good luck to all in their search for their perfect skin care regimen <3

3 looks in 1 day wow!

Hey guys, my computer is running low on battery life as uuuusssuuuall, and I have a bunch of pics to post from the past week or so. I'll start with the latest look that I did yesterday using Aromaleigh shadows from the Lost in Faerie collection that BLIX gave me samples of!

I wanted to say thanks to all the peeps that have been commenting on my new lil blog and making me feel special. I really appreciate the warm welcome to the blogging world!! I haven't really been commenting on other blogs cuz I haven't had time to get my reader in order..  anyway, love y'all and please enjoy the pictures <3

*I'm back to post the colors I used!*
First look: Aromaleigh 'Lost in Faerie' collection - elodie and elysia, Kryolan Aqua liner in black with FantasyMakers glitter liner atop it.

Second look: Aromaleigh 'Ciao Italia!' collection - tiramisu #51, nocciola #35, ciocolatto #3, and pistacchio #53. I used a brown Rimmel eye pencil that I've had forrreverrr and I wish I had used some black too, I feel like this look turned out really washed out.. like it was really missing something!

Third look: Honestly, I'm not sure what colors/glitters I used since I didn't use my own makeup hehe, but I DID make the main purple shadow that you can see on the lower lashline and kind of on the top lid. It's just a mixture of some purple micas and red sparks.

----------------------- Aromaleigh - Ciao Bella Collection Browns--------------------

----------------- Glittery look from the night BLIX and i went out-------------------

September 25, 2010

must vent.. you may lol

hey y'all.. i'm not about to capitalize anything in this post haha. so i went to BJ's last night. if you haven't ever been there, don't even bother. it's just a nasty chain like the rest of 'em. i had a house salad and their 'white pizza'.. which all tasted fine, albeit over fried and loaded with lard, probably not organic and definitely genetically modified =(... but today.. i'm feeling the effects. i have serious heartburn right now, feeling like a knife is stabbing me in the back and other unmentionable ailments =( i think after this experience i can and WILL easily swear off chain restaurants, no matter how hard they try.

something else i need to talk about.. a lot of you will probably be able to relate. remember back in high school when 'cool guys' would dump on seemingly a whole bottle of either ck1 or curve for men (by liz taylor)?? remember how they would walk by and their 'after-breeze' would be so potent you'd almost taste the bitter fragrance? they would walk into class and immediately fill up the room with the scent they wanted everyone to believe was coming from their body, naturally. haha, god.. occasionally i'll be out and pass by one of these guys on the street or in the mall. i can't believe the trend hasn't died out!! well, today someone came to my house and filled it up with their stench.. they have been gone for 20 minutes or so and i can still smell... whatever cologne dude dumped on himself. i just want to say, if your boyfriend or anyone else you may know does this.. please persuade them to STOP.  it's literally sickening.. it also screams, 'look at me! i need you to pay attention to me!' oh and this goes for the ladies too. lest u be smellin like cake or cinnamon or something edible, keep your spritzin' to a minimum!!

the sky looked amazing last night and i was inspired to do a look with the colors i saw, keep an eye out! <3

September 23, 2010


sup y'all? a few nights ago, i made a really great purple eyeshadow with some sparklies BLIX let me borrow, and some stuff i already had. i used it yesterday and it looked awesome!! no pictures, but i am excited to do it again so i can show it off =) i made a green one too.. it's like a dark mint green with lime green glitter. it looks like it could belong to the Fyrinnae Arcane Magic collection =)

if you had the opportunity to have ANY makeup company make an eyeshadow for you, which company would it be, and what color would you have them make? i want to know your color choice in extreme detail.

here's an inspiring photo to end my post...

September 21, 2010

Fyrinnae - Arcane Magic: Love Potion and Dark Fantasy

I know I already posted today, but I wanted to share what I did today real quick. I used Love Potion on the inside, and Dark Fantasy on the outside.. also on top of my liner and on the lower lashline. Enjoy!

Fyrinnae - Arcane Magic: Avian Shapeshifter, Equality, and Urban Decay - Smog

Heyo, this look is from Sunday! It's a pretty neutral look color wise, but still sparkly and glowy.. which is the look I try to go for every time I do my makeup. I think Avian Shapeshifter is one of my all time favorite shadows. I bought the sample size from Fyrinnae, and I'm pretty sure I'll need a full size =) same goes for Equality. I only used a tiny amount of black eyeliner very close to the lashline on top. Smog is what I used to line on the top.

Also included in this post will be pictures of Urban Decay nail polish in 'Apocalypse'.. after 3 days of wear... also keep in mind I did the manicure at 4AM Saturday night so please, remember that if you think they look like crap.

Luckily I screwed up my thumb nail so you can see what the underlying color really looks like!! It's a very deep and beautiful purple. I dotted on China Glaze - Medallion on top for a little extra something. Check out the dorky face I'm making in the second picture hehe. Later y'all.

September 19, 2010

fluff in between pictures. we all know everyone just wants to see pictures =)

CAN'T WAIT - Hey everyone, it's Sunday! Yay =( I mean, I've been looking forward to receiving some Kryolan black cream liner in the mail but I guess I'm gonna have to wait some more! I'm posting to let y'all know that I'm gonna charge my camera today so I can post photos of my new manicure.  I tried a different nail shape and used an Urban Decay polish I hadn't yet tried.. 'Apocalypse' it looks great! It's the deepest eggplant you can imagine, with a great formula. If you get enough polish on your brush, you could get away with 1 coat.

MEMORIES - I have been hoping, praying, and wishing for Urban Decay to get off their asses and release full size nail polish again. I remember back in the day (like 7 years ago) when they had the COOLEST EVER polishes!! That came with rings! They wore really well, and were definitely ahead of the curve, color wise. I can't think of another company that appealed to me as much as Urban Decay back then. Forever love <3

CURRENTLY - I made coffee with the french press for the first time today, and I'm pretty sure I did it right because it turned out really well. I've been intimidated by it since we got it, but today I just had to have some coffee. I stayed up til 4AM last night because Michael, my boyfriend was staying at a friends house. What was I doing you ask? Enjoying my alone time. Touched up my roots, painted nails, did a face mask. It ruled =)

K, I'll be posting later. Keep an eye out ^_^

September 16, 2010

Fyrinnae - OMGWTF!, Equality, and MAC - Stars and Rockets ALL BLENDABLE!

Sup y'all? This was my makeup look for yesterday. I didn't do ANYTHING to my eyebrows with this look 'cept rub a little 'Equality' into them. I'm glad I didn't fill them in as usual, it would have made the look more harsh than I wanted, ya know? I began by using UD - potion primer, then Pixie Epoxy. I then applied OMGWTF! in a circle in the center of both eyes, and applied 'Equality all around it, under the brow, and somewhat in the inner corner. Oh, and OMGWTF is in the inner corner as well! duh! MAC - Stars and Rockets was gently applied under the lower lash line with an angle brush. I just patted it on to get the full color. Lipgloss used was a really pretty one from a Sugar cosmetics lip palette I got a few years ago. It still smells edible =) This look didn't really require any blending.. but all colors used are easily blendable. Some of my photos are shot in daylight, while the warmer looking ones were taken with flash for a different perspective. I hope y'all like this look!

lastly, mom and joni <3

September 14, 2010

gold and green with glitter liner

Ugh.. man I'm sitting here smelling the smell of GARBAGE, because I'm too lazy to take it out haha. Maybe it will influence my posting. plz no =(

Today I wanted to use Fyrinnae - 'Lucky Charmed', since I'd gotten it about 2 weeks ago and haven't used it yet! It is a beautiful and easy to use gold. It's another one that CAN be blended! I don't usually need to blend Fyrinnae shades, but if you really mess it up you can just blend a lighter, similar shade over and above it.. I hope that makes sense.

I used LuckyCharmed on the majority of my eye, leaving a little room on the inner corner for the green Aromaleigh shade - Mayhem's Trilogy #79, another sample given to me by !! The glitter liner I used for this look is one I picked up at Walgreen's yesterday by Fantasy Makers in 'Magical', over black liner. I used UD - 'Sin' to blend the gold and green up. The shimmery and very pale whitish green used under the brow is from a stack of shimmer powders I got whilst in cosmetology school, from Giselle Cosmetics. Lipstick used was Pixi Cosmetics, AGAIN. This time, I used the darkest color in the palette =)

Picture time! Here's what I used...

See that small compact? That's the Urban Decay blush in Fantasy that I got. LOVE IT.

you can really see the glitter here!! i love it. i need more.
That's all y'all <3

September 13, 2010

purple glitter

sup u guyz? man, i am so exhausted today! i didn't sleep nearly enough last night, and felt kinda crappy today because of it.. but that didn't stop me from looking nice =) i spent a few hours with my new (and awesome) friend hehe. she was nice and allowed me to take home some pretty samples of glitter and other shadows from her collection. today I used a TKB Trading glitter, and some samples of Aromaleigh shadows. i took a picture of everything i used so i don't have to list it all. if you have a question about anything, just leave a comment! picture tyme!

the lip palette on top is Pixi Cosmetics, i LOVE these colors! i used the one on bottom left. it didn't really turn out that dark which is fine =) also, i totally forgot the blush in the photo. i used Urban Decay - Fetish. just got it today and it RULES!

i adjusted the color in the pic so the glitter color would look right!

enjoy, hope you likee <3

September 12, 2010

Fyrinnae Shadows: Conjuror and Sleepy Hollow

Oh hello! I am going to post pictures of the makeup I wore yesterday, September 11th. I've been experimenting with Fyrinnae shadows for the past 2 weeks or so, and I've found that Conjuror is one of my favorites. It's an easy to use, not so dark/heavy color. It's a light mauve with light teal sheen. it's weird though, it sometimes looks green, or purple, or brown.. so the description actually changes in different lights/angles. (<< i like it when people mis-spell angles like, 'angels' hehe)

A goal of mine with this blog, is to post more accurate photos of eyeshadows, etc. than you will find on the websites. Sometimes it's quite frustrating to be looking at a makeup website... a company that sells colors for you to use on your face, and the photos SUCK ASS. They are really tiny, or blurry, or totally inaccurate and like, the lowest quality ever. I want to change that. but since I'm a newb, it'll prob take me a while to get a hang of taking really good pics and to learn HMTL =)If you come across this blog, feel freeeee to tell me what you like, or don't like about the way I post, but please don't be a douche about it. Help me help you haha. Also, I'm tellin' ya right now, I DO utilize Photoshop to Adjust the contrast so the actual color shows up in a more accurate way, I also will blur out any xtreme! blemishes to avoid distracting from the point of the photo - the COLOR.

With most Fyrinnae shadows, you're supposed to pat or blot them on, rather than blending.. since blending can actually ruin some of the colors =( but there seem to be a few that can be gently blended. Conjuror is one of those, and I feel like I'll be finding more of the easy-to-blend colors to show you.

  • Products used:
  • - Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • - Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
  • - Too Faced LavaGloss Black Eyeliner (the BEST)
  • -  Fyrinnae Conjuror - all over color
  • - Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow - used as blue liner

car pic! subtle colors.

Sleepy Hollow used as liner of Pixie Epoxy, again, I was going for a subtle look.

Conjuror, it looks brownish here, but you can totally see the green sheen!

September 9, 2010

first post ever, introduction

well hello! i'm actually pretty excited to start this thing. i've been playing around with the idea of creating my own blog for a long time. i am quite experienced with, but over the past 2 or so years it's been dead to me.. people have stopped using it, stopped posting, stopped giving me reason to look at it, so i don't post either! starting this is my way of keeping up with my own life, and sharing parts of it with others. i'd love to make friends and hopefully be able to help people somehow! hopefully tomorrow i will find a good chunk of time to make my first real post. i can sense that within a few weeks, maybe months of posting, my 'blogging' style with transform dramatically =)