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October 29, 2010

look done with Morgana Cryptoria - Wizardry glitter, with Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae shadows

hey guys! today i got to wear my new AQUA LIPSTICK!! from Morgana Cryptoria, so go get some if you like it. i will do a look soon with the other one i got, Otherwordly. today, jonas and i went over to daddy's work for the kids Halloween party.. it was so awesome! we both got our faces painted. i've included a picture of him and michael at the bottom of this post =)

i finally ordered a full size of Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush, and Canary Diamond glow powder since they had that 20% off and free shipping deal last wknd. on to tha pics

I used:
-Morgana - Wizardry glitter on lower lashline
-Aromaleigh - Dulcinea all over top lid and in crease
-Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes on inner v and lower lashline
-Sally Girl baked shadow under brow
-Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks - Serenity
-Kryolan Aqua Color liner
-Diorshow mascara
-Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush mixed with Evil Shades Burlesque blush. they were both samples so i just blended them together =)

michael and jonas are the guys on the left, michael's got a beard if you aren't good with directions haha.

October 28, 2010

makeup look done with EvilShades halloween 2010 collection

hey everyone. i feel extra tired and grimy today. i didn't really feel like doing my makeup but i did it anyway.. you now how it is, while you're doing it you hate it but you just keep going. i ended up liking it and decided to post it even though i feel like it could have been better.. whatevs, let me know if i should do it again sometime.

i used:
EvilShades - Otherworldy all over top lip and blended up a lil
ES - Samhain all above it in crease
ES - Eerie on inner v.. i didn't really like it here.. it's not sparkly enough and too white.
ES - Raven's Song applied to outer crease with angle brush then blended into samhain
ES - All Hallow's Night applied on top of otherwordly in crease and blended, also on lower lashline
BLUSH - Evil Shades Burlesque, it was the free sample
Rimmel Spark It Up! eye pencil in black gold
DiorShow mascara
some old Rimmel pink sparkly lipstick

this is how i REALLY feel today.. the picture is pretty accurate.

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pick me, pick me! *flails arm in the air while trying not to jump out of seat*

October 27, 2010

One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) solid scent, lip butter, and soap review

monday, i received some free samples from Becca at OHWTO!! the package included 6 solid scents, 1 little soap, and 1 lip butter. here is a photo of the contents.

Lip Butter: Grape - i feel like i've been putting this on since i got it.. it smells SO GOOD. i love anything that smells likes grape. it feels so soft and smooth, it lasts for a good while, and i think it's actually moisturized and conditioned my lips! get some! (check the new manicure! it's so halloween!)

... and the sweet personal note =)

the solid scents i received are pictured below: Choco-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Eater, Kettle Corn, Calaveras. Fevrier, Pomegranate & Oat, and Honey Bee.

Choco Pumpkin -YUMMY DUDE. this fragrance is super choco at first, but then this mouth-watering cinnamon comes into play. the choco never fully goes away, but it evens out after a few minutes of wear. the scent evolves into a definitely spicy, and kind of woody, delicious smell. is there a touch of apple in this? not heavy, but distinct.
Pumpkin Eater - from the site: "This fragrance smells of mangled pumpkin flesh, tilled earth, and a dash of spiced cider, haunted by an apparition of patchouli." - again, on point. if you're looking for a signature scent, this one might be it. it's pretty different from any other fragrance i've smelled. it's warm, and sophisticated. it never gets annoying and is 'grown up', pretty sure i'll need more. also, patchouli can be a pretty wretched scent on anyone, but when it's used sparingly it is SO awesome. good job, becca.. i hope this one stays!
Kettle Corn - from the website, "is better than a buttered popcorn scent, it's all that but with ribbons of caramel swirled in and a sprinkle of salt on top for good measure." - this is exactly right. i always hate the extreme syrup or butter smell at first, but when it settles, it smells so scrumptious!
Calaveras - from the site: "this fragrance is sweet and spicy. Cinnamon, sugar, orange, and sweet breads dressed up with a smattering of dried roses on a sandalwood altar." - this one ended up being the one i didn't like, AT ALL. there is something about it that i just can't deal with.. either on, or in the package. i really wanted to like it.. it might have been the combo of dried roses with orange. it just didn't work FOR ME.. i know i'd love it on someone else, and i know a lot of other bloggers like this one!
Fevrier - from the site: "Red fruits and black spice make up this blend; you'll smell currants, cranberries, pomegranates, and black pepper- along with the tingling nip of winter's winds. It's foody but not in a way that makes you smell like food- you can call this scent "gourmand"." - this description is on point as well. god, it's so awesome when companies have accurate descriptions of their fragrances! it's fruity, but like.. in a dark way. it reminds me of a mulberry candle. delish! i'd wear it on sexy occasions haha.
Pomegranate & Oat - dude, i wanted to EAT this. seriously, imagine the sweetest strawberry ever, toned down with a touch of woody oak. i actually ate a pomegranate last night and i don't think any fragrance i've ever smelled actually smells like a pomegranate. i always like it though. this one is mouth watering. it gets more sophisticated and light with wear.
Honey Bee -i think i'll put this one on Jonas. it is simply honey. powdery honey! it's sweetly fresh.

here are my faves in order hehe

Big Daddy- from the site: "An intoxicating blend of Tobacco Blossom, Mandarin, Honey, Rose, Caramel, this is a slightly spicy, slightly sweet, slightly musky, and very manly scent, despite what its notes might say to the contrary. Reminds me of what a man should smell like, but it could totally work on the right female, too." - exactly. Michael said it smells, 'just like my dads deodorant!' i think it smells very masculine, but not so that a lady can't use it! it's quite comforting to use in the bath (which i did), and the smell doesn't linger heavily. it leaves a very light trace of itself on your skin after you dry off so you might catch a happy whiff of it later. also, you can safely put on a solid scent or perfume without the two scents clashing. it doesn't seem to dry out the skin, nor does it leave a film of any kind <3 i must add that 'Big Daddy' is the perfect name for this scent!

I think i will most definitely be ordering some lip tints and lip butters from OHWTO. i've been using this really great yet way too expensive lip balm from Pangea Organics which is based here in Boulder and sold at Whole Foods. I think OHWTO's lip products are equally as effective and way more affordable! I also love the idea of solid scents.. i'd never actually used one before! just think.. you can throw it in your purse and put it on whenever you're out! i can get behind OHWTO, and i highly recommend ordering some samples to start, i hope my review was helpful and enjoyable.

October 26, 2010

look done with Aromaleigh - Brazen & Bitter, Temper Temper, and Fruminous

hello y'all. this look was inspired yesterday when i wasted my time reading someones hate filled, angry blog post about how much they hate someone. haha, yeah. i know, it had nothing to do with me, but it was the perfect example of what i posted about last week: as women, we should be supportive of each other instead of BASHING each other. like, live and let live RIGHT?

haha. ok, so i was inspired to deal with my feelings in a healthy way by choosing angry eyeshadow names. they perfectly describe the author of the post i read =) also, i'm not sure what fruminous means, but it sounds angry.

I used:
Aromaleigh (AL)- Brazen & Bitter all over top lid and inner V
AL - Fruminous on lower lashline
AL - Temper, Temper in crease and smoked up a lil
Detrivore Cosmetics - Carnage all around eye area, used for softening edges. under inner brow
MAC - Chill under brow
Kryolan Aqua Color liner
DiorShow mascara
Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush
LIPS - Maybelline lipstick in 515 Coral Crush
NYC liquid lipshine in Sheer Ruby on top (this combo is magical)

i hope y'all liked this look. it looked SO GOOD irl!! i think it's a new favorite. anyway, here's to positive posts in the future!


October 24, 2010

cool look using Aromaleighs Bete Noir shadows, and Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes

don't you hate it when a fly mysteriously gets in your house? it's been in the house for about 2 days now.. i'm surprised it hasn't been killed or let out. i have a cat, why isn't he doing his job! oh, and last nights (very late night) posting was inspired by this image: - it's hilariously stupid!

ok, now for the makeup. I used:
-Aromaleigh(AL) - Colette all over top lid and blended up just a little bit
-AL - Ambre on lower lashline and in crease
-AL Dulcinea (from En Pointe) under browbone and all around eye area
-Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes on inner corner/v area, blended with Ambre on lower lashline
-Lola Cosmetics brown eyeshadow on brows
-Meow cosmetics Livid Lilac blush
-Maybelline - Champagne Shimmer on lips (it's new, i love it!)
-DiorShow mascara
-Kryolan Aqua Color liner

Here's 'Champagne Sparle'.. lovely isn't it?

Urban Decay - White Widow with a cute lil decal i got from the grocery store!

this is the neon silk i wore, that i named all my pictures after haha.



you know how Meow Cosmetics has the Alien Abduction collection? i really wish they had named one of the shadows, 'Take me to your dealer'.

i'll be making a picture post tomorrow =)

October 21, 2010

dreamy look, done with 1 Morgana Cryptoria shadow and 3 Aromaleigh

hello! it's a real shame the charger is broken.. now i have about 10 minutes left til the computer dies and i just HAVE to post today! this look is from yesterday. i even wore lipstick! haha! i'm a little disappointed that the gold didn't show up too well.. i should have used more. and i wish i had done a thinner liner. oh well, if you recreate this look, i suggest more gold, and a more vibrant purple. I'll do it better next time. all things that i don't like aside, i really like the way it turned out overall. the little gold glitters in Brew Haha inspired me to use more gold with this look.

I used:
-UDPP, and Pixie Epoxy on top lid and lower lashline only
-Morgana Cryptoria - Brew Haha from the Haunted Eyes 2010 collection all over top lid, then FOILED on top of itself.
-Aromaleigh(AL) Obliviate in crease and in middle of lower lashline
-AL - Opiate Advice on inner v and blended above top lid.. does that make sense? like, blended into Obliviate.
- AL - Pink Portent on browbone and all around the eye for softening and brightness purposes.
- AL - Serpensortia on lower lashline and under liner wing, it's the gold that you see.
- i mixed a little Brew Haha with Serpensortia and put it on top of my liner right away. it didn't turn out evenly and i wish i had done a thinner liner. (i know i already said that, but i really mean it)
LASHES - DiorShow mascara
BLUSH - Meow Cosmetics - Livid Lilac
LIPS - MAC lustre - Pretty Please with some Smashbox gloss on top. If your lips aren't in good condition, Pretty Please looks NASTY!

see ya!

October 19, 2010

LOTD using 2 Fyrinnae shadows, and one that i made! (it's the sparkliest)

now for a real makeup look! for every day that i intend to do my makeup for my blog, it either takes me no time at all to find what i want to use, or it takes FORRREVER. today it took forever haha. i was highly caffeinated and hadn't had enough to eat yet. luckily, i chose 3 shades that work amazingly together.

I used:
- a badass shade i made that i named, 'Jungle Mint' just now. haha. it's on the inner v area, inner corner. (if you google "jungle mint", you will see a sh'load of Pokemon cards!)
-  Fyrinnae 'Omgwtf' applied in a rainbow shape above the top lid and crease. there is also a tiny bit on lowerlashline. and under liner wing.
- Fyrinnae - Conjuror ( <3 ) in crease and outer v area. outer lower lashline.
- Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow. its whitish with a blue sheen. it's under the brow and kind of on cheekbonez.
- Meow Cosmetics - Livid Lilac blush (i officially LOVE this)
- Kryolan Aqua Color liner, with 'Jungle Mint' pressed on top with angle brush.
- DiorShow mascara
LIPZ - Lancome - Vintage Rose


i hope you guys liked this look! my skin has been such a f'ing pain in my ass for YEARS. it's so ruddy and my pores are large. i have no idea if big pores are reversable.. i mean i know it's possible with X-treme chemical peels, but i'm not really up for that just yet. i started taking FLAXSEED OIL about a week ago, and it's already starting to feel better and more moisturized. i'll keep you updated on how it works out!

i'd like to know if anyone has found their 'miracle' product yet.. and what is it?

see ya!