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August 29, 2011

new creative flow

heyo! flourish of posts today =) i just jumped into painting for the first time ever basically, about 2 weeks ago. i've been stocking up on different colors of acrylic paints and canvas. i already have a ton of art supplies and 1 canvas so i started with what i had.. here is my first finished painting from my adult life.. i'm fairly proud, and think i'll be creating 2-3 more panels to make it a set.. while i love it, it feels like part of a whole.. just like you and me =)

thanks for looking =)

new hair!

i am here to share my new and unexpected hair with you. when i went to get it done, the friend doing my hair said she could do the rainbow hair i asked for.. turns out, she couldn't. on top of leaving with a totally messed up hairjob, she allowed me a very disrespectful experience. sad shit aside, i got to fix it myself and went with red on my new growth, and hot pink on my ends. a few days ago, i covered it in purple to make it a little more dimensional.. i felt like the red i had going on made me seem goth, which was embarrassing since i'm an adult now haha! so now, it's a bit darker and in the light it has this amazing purple sheen! i LOVE IT. my goal for the future is pastel, so i'll probably have to get a dramatic hair cut =/ do not want.

i used: Manic Panic Vampire red on new growth blended down, and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink on the ends and blended well into the other color.
later, i put Manic Panic Ultra Violet all over it!

these are the pics from right after it was done.

these pics are from yesterday- the current color. i really liked how i styled it, so i thought i'd share.. if anyone is interested in how i did this, let me know! it's so gd easy!

I realize my 'current color' pics aren't too clear, so in my upcoming posts you'll get some better quality pics =)

thanks for looking =)

August 12, 2011


hello! i'm really excited because.. i'm getting my hair done again on the 13th, so tomorrow. it's been almost 2 months since i got it done last and i never posted pictures of how it turned out.. so here they are!

i plan on growing it out even longer, and totally leaving my bangs alone. i've come to the conclusion that bangs are too much of a pain and i'd rather have them long enough to forget about. here's a photo of my inspiration for tomorrow, and i want more of the canteloupe-orange than is pictured here:

do you have any hair color goals or desires? do you love what you have? thanks for looking!

August 9, 2011

aromaleigh's diffindo, wonderous, and serpensortia!

 my favoritest new earrings, i wear them all the time!!

outer space nails experiment

hello! these photos are of my first real try at doing freehand nail art. i used a tiny paint brush, a makeup sponge/wedge, an assortment of polish colors, and a shotglass of acetone. i first saw a photo of 'galaxy nails' or 'nebula nails' on a message board, and got REALLY excited, so i googled a tutorial. i was very disappointed to find only one half-ass tutorial that basically said, 'get a sponge and put these colors on your nails and you're done' - it had no mention of any kind of technique, so when i tried to use the tutorial, i failed. hard. instead, i removed it all and googled actual photos from space and did what i could. enjoy =)

even though my left hand turned out like a paint splattered canvas instead of anything resembling space, i like 'em a lot.