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March 30, 2011

very light and balanced, like a bunny riding a bicycle..

Hello! Last night I tried making a pair of 3D triangle earrings.. the first one didn't turn out so well, kind of like the runt of the litter haha. The second one turned out way better and I'm kind of proud of it, so I put my hair up and left some down on the right side to cover up the fact that I am wearing one unique earring. I threw on an inside out black band shirt and added a scarf.

My makeup is very, very simple: face powder/concealer, brows, mascara, lipstick, and one eyeshadow. I used Aromaleigh's Fidelius and the lipstick is Maybelline 235 - 'Warm Me Up'... I got it yesterday because while looking at the display, I noticed that there was only one left. It must be good =)

Enjoy your lovely day plz

March 29, 2011

Purple Wing

Had I been born a Native American, my name would have been Purple Wing. Maybe not, but it's a cool thought! Here's a nice look from a few days ago. I used some Aromaleigh shades from the Valentine's '09 collection, and some purple glitter that I mysteriously acquired.. probably from BLIX =) Please excuse the eyebrow mess, I have since tamed them to perfection.. you'll see soon. Enjoy!

'ppreciate cha.

March 26, 2011

coming soon...

I've begun a new project.. I'll soon be posting photos of earrings I make. If you like, you'll be able to purchase them using the Paypal button on the top right on my blog =)

Here is a crappy photobooth photo of 4 of them!

this pair is for me...

see ya later!

March 16, 2011

tomorrow is going to be so good!

Hi! I am going to bed right now (in a moment) so I can wake up and take Jonas to the Boulder Public Library for 'toddler time'. It's basically story time, but for toddlers only! I think it's more focused on the child than everyone zoning out to someone reading a book. Also, we will bring bread to feed the ducks =) I am super excited about it!

The comforter set I ordered from Macy's arrived today and I am in love with it! I'd purchased the sheets last week in store. Here's a photo of what I got:

I need to get 2 pillows to put inside the shams, so I'll do that tomorrow too! What color bedskirt should I get?  I was thinking dark purple, or lime green.

Yawnnning. Here's a picture of Michael and I on Sunday, at Original Pancake House in Boulder.. me sans makeup.

Hope y'all are having a great week so far! Expect a post from me soon, I'm sorry I've been slacking!

March 5, 2011

Add a scarf to your outfit today!

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share this scarf idea I stole from another blog: - Kendi Everyday - She as some seriously amazing outfit looks and comes up with all kinds of ideas for different pieces. I've had this weird 80's shapes scarf for like, 8 years and have NEVER used it til last weekend. The shirt I had on under it is a little baggy on its own, so I used Kendi's idea with it. I got the stretchy belt at Urban Outfitters.

Check out those roots... I am currently sitting here with purple dye on freshly bleached hair. I CAN'T WAIT TO WASH & SEE IT!!!

Propel yourself forward by becoming thankful..
*I am thankful that I got to bleach/color my hair, spend some quality alone time, play with my new Aromaleigh eyeshadows, and get laundry quarters last night!! *That Michael got to go spend time with his friends last night *That jonas is such a joyful bubby *That we are going to Famous Dave's BBQ tonight for M's bro's birthday *That I get plenty of time to get ready when Jonas takes a nap, everyday! *That I get to have Yerba Mate in place of coffee today since I broke the french press haha *I am thankful that I realize my privilege as a size 4 white American *I am thankful that I've come such a long way in learning about myself, and that I now love others instead of judge them *I'm thankful that I am not hooked on Hollywood gossip magazines, news, or shows. *I am thankful that SPRING IS NEEEEEAAAAAAAAAR FUCK YES!

I am excited about..
I can't wait for spring, I can't wait to take a refreshing shower today, I can't wait to see Michael, I can't wait to sit down and put makeup on, I can't wait to post on my blog again, I can't wait to go outside, I can't wait to do all my laundry, I can't wait to change the sheets on my bed, I can't wait to buy a new comforter, I can't wait, to make new friends, I can't wait to hang out with the friends I already have, I can't wait to eat delicious BBQ, I can't wait to spent time with family, I can't wait for everyone to realize their potential and pursue their fucking dreams!!!

Here is a bonus picture of me as Frieda Kahlo from a costume party last year =) Have a badass Saturday and be considerate of yourself and others!

March 4, 2011


Hello everyone!! I've gathered a good amount of energy to post a good post. I recently made a small Aromaleigh order (WAT?? They are still open?? I know, right?). I got 6 full sized jars and I want to show you the pretty colors!! I got a sample set of the Valentine09 collection too, I am fully impressed.
*This post will only prove how nerdy I am about describing color.*
Fidelius - This is a gold eyeshadow with tiny red glitter in it and rainbow sparks. The shadow itself seems dull at first, but when applied is so soft and magnificent. You should see it in the sun, GOD.
This is what it looks like in the sun, applied!
Eos - Don't be fooled by this soft looking red. It's hiding some dark purple glitter from you and a gold sheen! This one might actually have magical properties.

Impossible Things - I was initially uninspired by the sample bag I got. At the time, I was overwhelmed with all the samples I had received and didn't pay much attention to it. Recently I wanted to use a green I'd never used, and this one may be my new favorite. Perfect neutral green with bright blue sparks.. they don't fade away when applied, either.

-Astronomical Shades-
Nadir - I got this one for one reason: it reminded me of Urban Decay's Sin. It definitely resembles it when applied, with the addition of peachy-pink sparks and a pale, milky blue undertone. The shadow itself leans warmer and is SO much better than sin.

Binary - Reminds me of another AL shade, can you guess which one?
'At first I was like..
'Then I was like...'

Heliosphere - Is a light, mystical gold with hidden red glitter and gold sparks. The description sounds the same as Fidelius. The difference is that the shadow itself is a lighter gold, and the glitter is more prevalent.. not as sparkling.

I hope this was enjoyable! More posts to come.. again, I've got a ton of pictures back up from NOT POSTING. Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the inspiring posts I get to read on Google Reader.
<3 elizabeth