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November 26, 2010

Why.. yellow there =)

Today, I missed the sun. I used only yellow eyeshadow! I was afraid I'd look sick but it ended up looking freaking awesome! Sadly, I forgot to put anything on my lips when I took pictures.

I used:
Detrivore Cosmetics - Vaccine on top lid
AL - Celinette on outer lid and in crease, lower middle lashline
AL - Zabaglione in crease and on outer lower lashline
AL - Lumos on inner v and under inner brow
AL - Drink Me under brow and blended down

Just a reminder to check out Woobie Bath, and to use the 15% discount code: prettybottles !!!!

Woobie Bath - fragrance review part 1 and EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE!!

Hello everyone! Since this is a product review, I'll be typing properly hehe. I ordered some samples from Woobie Bath about a month ago and received a handful of LE fragrance samples as well! I must also mention that they've got their LE '12 Days of Christmas', 'Dysfunctional Holidays', and 'Holidays' scents up so don't be a wuss and go check 'em out!! I am waiting on a small order I recently placed that includes some of the Holiday scents so I'll be reviewing them as well.

Before I get started, the founder and woman behind the brand has offered my readers an exclusive 15% off discount code for her store! The code is 'prettybottles' and it's good until 1/2/2011 so you've got a bit of time to sift through and choose what you want. <3

Descriptions from the website:
Tart (fall collection)- No, this is not a pastry blend. This blend is intended for naughty use to side track the melancholy spirit. When it is cold out, warm up a bit... A seductive mix of sandalwoods, florals, and held together brilliantly with a euphoric blend of musks.
Pomegranate - A wonderful fruity scent. Crisp, sweet and tangy! My daughter thinks it smells like "Jolly Rancher" candy.
Spicy - This is your not-so-average Clove based scent. Warm and inviting cloves with nutmeg and rounded out with just a drop of cinnamon.
Candied Apples - Fresh, ripe apples drizzled in a sugar glaze.
VooDoo - Warm and mysterious. An enchanting blend of fresh florals. Jasmine and Lily of the Valley dance with the top note of strong coconut.
Lucky Charm - you can now enjoy the sweet candy marshmallow that I add to the Marshmallow Souffle. A blend of fluffy white marshmallow and sweet sugars! Smells good enough to eat, but tastes terrible...
Cooties - Innocent in a fashion of creams, watermelons, and bubble gum. Everyone needs Cooties!!
Special Edition: Lunar Eclipse - no description available!

My personal review.. keep in mind that we are all different and not all of them are for me. You may LOVE a scent that I hate.. so try it anyway! Some of these wear close to the skin, and others can be smelled by a friend close by. I will put a * next to the stronger blends!
*Tart - The above is on point (as usual). The fragrance truly is seductive, and CLEAN. The overall feeling of this scent is 'warm'. It's the kind of scent that 'grows' when you wear it, and not in a bad way. The sandalwood is there the whole time. It is reminiscent of Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist.. so if you like that, you'll like this too! For me, this is an occasional fragrance, but not a favorite.
Pomegranate - OH GOD.. When you first put this on, it's like.. the juiciest artificial strawberry flavor that WILL make your mouth water. It doesn't last that long, so you won't be overwhelmed with deliciousness unless you reapply in a few hours. It dries down to a sweet fruity (think mulberry) scent that is quite pleasant!
Spicy - Did someone just make chai tea? Oh, it's Spicy. It smells exactly like chai tea at first with it's clove, cinnamon, nutmeg aroma. It doesn't seem to have cardamom, but somehow my nose picks it up. Is there wood or black pepper in this? There is an undertone of freshness that comes about later in the day when the spice has worn away. I did not mean to rhyme.. It's sophisticated and slightly mysterious, wears close to the skin.
*Candied Apples - This is just as intoxicating as the original, 'Herbal Essences' shampoo fragrance! It's very, very sweet and fruity. I'd suggest wearing this on a date with a hot dude/girl that you want to make out with. It could be even better paired with a wood scent!
*VooDoo - At first, I really liked this scent because it immediately smells like a warm coconut. I feel like the scents used are black and white, super opposite.. and it's cool because they work so well together! The dry down is quite powdery. To be honest, this one isn't my favorite.. as the coconut is a little over the top and I don't often like such warm scents on my skin. It'd be good in cold weather.
*LuckyCharm - Holy crap y'all.. Remember the Lucky Charm marshmallows? I never liked that cereal because of the way the charms felt on my teeth when I'd crunch down on them, *nails on a chalkboard* =( LUCKILY, (lol) this blend is to die for. It's intoxicating with sugared marshmallows.. it smells just like the charms taste. The sugar scent used is a warm type, but I really like it.
Cooties - YUMMY!!! Such a wonderful, sweet and happy scent. If you've ever had Bazooka Joe bubble gum, this smells JUST like the gum! There's a touch of watermelon, and I think I smell a hint of sweet lemon. It's the perfect sugared fruit scent and I don't know why I didn't order it full size as soon as I opened my sample. It's girly and fun! It will last almost all day, but I enjoy reapplying to keep it fresh. A fragrance like this should never die down =) This is my favorite of the bunch.
*Special Edition: Lunar Eclipse - FRESH. a little sweet, definitely a 'perfume' type, not really fruity. I might be smelling gardenia or some white flower. Michael says it smells like something your grandma has but never intends to use. I enjoy wearing it, because it's more floral than I am used to and I always find myself sniffing it and wondering what's in it. When it dries down a bit, it kind of reminds me of Prescriptives - Calyx.. It's a mature fragrance and is my second fave of the bunch!

I hope my review (part 1) was helpful and I really hope you will give Woobie a try! Penny has done an amazing job creating such diverse blends, that everyone will find something they like.. and don't forget to use the discount code even though sample sizes are only a dollar and will last you a while. If you order, I'd love to know what you think so leave a comment here or on any post =)

November 24, 2010

maybe us beauty bloggers should band together to create a Zine..

so i got inspired by a picture in Allure magazine (DOUBLE BARF) of all things. the only reason i have a subscription to this horrid magazine is because they actually have good makeup looks (and bc i wanted to support my little bros school fundraiser haha). if anyone could PLEASE RECOMMEND a magazine that doesn't involve articles about plastic surgery, how to lose weight fast, and how to obsess even further about how disgusting our bodies are and how we should always look good for men.. i'd be more than grateful. i'm so offended when i actually try and read anything in Allure. seriously all i want to see in a magazine are inspiring photos and possibly some tried and true product recommendations. it's becoming more and more obvious to me that all those magazines; Lucky, Allure, even Vogue are being paid by the same huge cosmetic brands to recommend their products even if they suck or contain crappy ingreedz.

I used:
-AL - Morsmorde all over outer lid and lower lashline
-AL - Just A Head on lower lashline under Morsmordre to blend down
- AL - Serpensortia on inner v and blended out a lil
- AL - Priori Encantato above Morsmordre and blended together
- MAC - Chill under brow and blended down into Priori Encantato
- MAC - Yogurt all around eye area to soften.
-Maybelline Volume Mascara.. black tube with red foil letters. great brush and formula!

what a wonderful mess! the thing is.. it's not messy to me, it's an organized pile that LOOKS like a mess. haha, it's not always like this.

Aromaleigh look using Eos, Expeliarmus, Zeus and Nox!

you guys.. i have to be honest. i feel like i've been off my game, for real. what do you do when you're feeling generally lackluster and like.. blah? I am going to skip the usual 'I used:' portion of this post and just do the pics.

November 23, 2010

Tres Risk and NYC Color

PINK FUCHSIA (and purple!).. one of my favorite colors, and favorite flowers. it's truly inspiring. it's like the undiscovered, awesome color that always gets looked passed, for a pretty pink, deep red or a royal purple.

thanks to kelson for letting me use his pic!

my most favorite color ever though, is red. in my recent huge-ass nail polish purchase from Ross.. i came across a polish brand i'd never heard of til then: Tres Risk. i picked up 2, 4 packs of polish <3 i also want to add that OPI - Chick Flick Cherry is my ultimate favorite red color.

i am wearing Tres Risk - Reddy To Go, a deep red cream and NYC New York Color - Mulberry Frost. Not really sure why it's got 'frost' in the name, it's got no shimmer or sparkle whatsoever. it's a really nice fuchsia cream!


November 21, 2010

i got 99 followers and a ____ ain't one (lol, it's funny cuz it's true)

post title: i just had to haha. this look is from yesterday. its.. OKAY. I tried to do a look based on this comment from Ariana: "Hi! :) I'd love to see an antique gold with a royal purple or royal blue paired together. Either that, or some cool blue purples paired with something with icy blue shimmer."

since i'd already done a royal purple/antique gold look, i went for the cool purple/blue shimmer. it didn't turn out as vibrant as i had planned, but it looked nice well into the evening. in the flash photos, the purples look way warmer than they actually were. the daylight pics are more accurate: 2nd and 6th photos.

I used:
-AL - Emerenta in crease
-Al - Artemis on top inner lid
-AL - Colette in crease over Emerenta, and on lower lashline
-AL - Meliora under brow, to help blend Emerenta
-AL - Naida just under brow and on inner V
-Archetype - Northern Lights in inner v
LIPS: Pixi Cosmetics lip Palette in Perfect Rose, one of the lighter pink ones.

this beautiful.. uh.. depiction is for BLIX

blurred pic for maximum sparkle vision

here's a picture of my sweet yet sometimes very aggressive (towards me only) meowman, Momo.

..and my current manicure.
-Sally Hansen - Purple Gala, with SallyGirl gold glitter on top
-Color Club - Snakeskin with the same gold glitter on top.

lastly, another look from a few days ago that never got posted:
-Fyrinnae - Sacred on top lid
-AL - Ananke - lower lashline

-another Woobie Bath perfume oil review, i have like 15 to review.. AND A 15% COUPON CODE, watch out for it!!!
-Goddess Blends: Ancient Oils etsy shop review
-more makeup looks, more often


November 20, 2010



Kitten Mittens at Painted!!

congratulations, you won the palette of your dreams.. literally!
Thank to everyone for entering and leaving color suggestions!

November 19, 2010


holy crap how did this happen?! only 3 ppl away from having 100 followers? it may not seem like a beeg deal, but it is to me and i really appreciate it!


pictures never posted

hey guys, sorry i haven't posted in like 5 days! it feels like forever. this week has been weirdly busy and stressful, and even though i could have found some time to post, i haven't really been that happy with my makeup looks and haven't been trying very hard. whatever though, it's the FREAKIN WEEKEND and i have some older pics to post that i didn't want to post in the past. so here they are, and today is the LAST DAY to enter the mini-give away for the Night Elf palette! tell your friends!

this is a picture of the SUN, taken during the forest fire here in boulder. it smelled like burning trees and ash was everywhere =(


funny picture of joni when we went camping

this is my most recent look.. it was done quickly and easily. sadly, i didn't get very many pics of it and this was the best one.

i guess we find out who the winner is tomorrow =)

November 14, 2010

Rose Gold and NYC Rose Lip Gloss

real quick *i posted what i used for the neutral look, so go check it out!*

dude, you guys... i went to Ross today and bought two packages of Color Club polish (contains 7 each), and 2 packages of Tres Risk polishes (4 each).  then i went to Sally's and got 2 China Glazes and 1 Sally Girl polish. HOLY SHIIIIIIIII i am so excited. i love every single color and plan on making a badass polish post soon, since i feel i haven't really focused on polish at all. i have never used Tres Risk before and they look so freaking unique and high-quality in the bottle. can't wait to share.

my boyfriend Michael left for New York today, he'll be back on thursday.. but i am left without a computer charger so i think i'll have to go buy one while he's gone =) it's been really annoying having to 'save' my computer time since the battery only lasts so long.. and editing pictures and making a quality post takes a while.

ANYWAYZ, here is the look i did today that made me feel super pretty, and i will totally do it again. also, i wore my favorite lip gloss and one of my favorite perfumes and my hair looked good. yay day!

I used:
- UDPP and pixie epoxy as usual
- MAC - Rose pigment (here's another blog post about how much it rules - all over outer part of top lid, and a little on lower lashline
- AL - Zeus on inner v and inner part of top lid, i also blended it up under the brow and over Rose
- AL - Pass The Tarts on outer part of lower lashline
- Kryolan Aqua Color liner in black
- Falsies mascara on lower, Diorshow on top.. srsly i need to just throw it out but i caaaan't
- Sally Girl white baked eyeshadow under brow
- Urban Decay blush in Fetish
- Smashbox lipgloss in 'Beauty', HELLO SMASHBOX PLEASE BRING IT BACK
- NYC rose lipgloss in Peony Kiss atop the above

okay, here's a picture review of NYC Rose Lip Gloss in Peony Kiss. I bought this at Rite Aid with my own skrill so no one is paying me for this. clearly, the texture is silky smooth, literally like butter. the color is rich and should have cost more than it did. this is definitely worth picking up!

the end!