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January 29, 2011

darker than usual

I've been mega inspired lately. Mostly by my ultimate girl crush at Killer Colours. I have to applaud her obvious respect for design; it shows on her blog layout and picture quality! She posted a simple smokey-eye tutorial recently that I think you all should check out! I used her technique the other day with a fat Wet And Wild liner, and Evil Shades - Dryad.. which I am SO in love with. I think it might be in my top 5 favorite eyshadows. Big deal, right?!

I picked up 2 Cover Girl lipsticks tonight at the grocery store.. Smoky, and Entwined. Smoky is a dark brown with copper shimmer, and Entwined is a dark berry with a bit of shimmer. Both are gorgeous shades I CANNOT WAIT to wear out, very soon. Tryna break out of my lipstick fear.

I hope you like this look.. I don't really dig my bangs parted to the side. Also, I'm considering cutting my hair! Not sure yet.

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
- Aromaleigh - Sabine all over top lid and blended up and out a little, also patted onto lower lashline with tiny angle brush.
-Urban Decay - Sin used above Sabine to blend and soften edges. Also on inner-v.
- Aromaleigh - Hot Stuff on middle lower lashline and patted on the middle of top lid, barely visible.
- Too Faced lava gloss liner in black, with matte black shadow patted on top to keep it from transfering to my browbone, gross.
- LIPS - the dark berry shade in one of my Pixi lipstick palettes.
*Sabine looks like a dark red in the jar, but when applied it turns into this beautiful rich brown!*


January 28, 2011

Last of the forgotten looks..

Soon I'll be up to date with my looks! The first one I'll be posting was from a few days ago, and the last one was from before I colored my hair so it's weeks old.

-Look 1-
-UDPP and PE as uze
- Fyrinnae - Avian Shapeshifter <3 on top lid and lower lashline
- Detrivore Cosmetics - Lecher above Avian S. used to blend and soften edge
- Aromaleigh - Hearts a Plenty under inner brow, you can kind of see the light pink in the pics
- Aromaleigh - Hot Stuff under liner wing
-LIPS - a creamy/matte pale pink lipstick over gloss.. don't use this type of lipstick on chapped lips ew.

-Look 2-
UDPP and PE as uze
-LIPS - L'oreal lipstick in - Fawn Fatale. This is the darkest I'll wear if I'm leaving the house.. unless it's dark red.. even then.. I have lipstick fear!
- Aromaleigh - Grace on top lid blended up (Grace is my middle name)
- Aromaleigh - Sparkling Luna on inner-v and under brow a little, and obv. on lower lashline.
- Aromaleigh - Sabine on lower lashline, patted on top of PE with tiny angle brush
- Rimmel  - Emerald pencil liner with..
- Aromaleigh - Melone patted on top
- Aromaleigh - Curious Dream used above Grace to blend, applied in a rainbow shape hehe

..And a picture of my family taken X-mas night! Check out the very white Momo looking unhappily captured.

Later Y'all!

January 24, 2011

Random urge to post, LadycrowX giveaway, and Gala Darling

So, y'all might remember my Zing salon review. I just looked at my 'stats' for the first time in over a month and somehow, that single post has 1,785 views.. while all the rest of my posts have under 100 views. I wonder if it's the salon people looking at it constantly or potential clients of the salon. I feel kind of bad about having one really negative review up but like.. the experience sucked haha. It's just weird that it's getting the most attention because that's not what my blog is about.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the direction I want my blog to go in. I enjoy posting pretty makeup looks and stuff, but I also want to post things that could have a potential positive impact on someone/multiple someones.. I am constantly trying to learn new ways to live, better ways to handle shitty situations, and improve my quality of life in general. Right now, my life goal is all about breaking through old patterns and living consciously. Total hippie shit, but whatever.. it's important! On the makeup side, I'm all about improving my skills and trying to get the best quality photos. Anyway, I might begin posting about the things that happen in my life that I learn from. It'll be cool to read my posts years from now. (or embarrassing haha, remember livejournal?)

**i JUST signed up for Gala Darlings Radical Self-Love Workshop!! Go here - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!**

Also, I want to share that LadycrowX is having a totally badical giveaway, ending TOMORROW. So get your asses on over to her blog to sign up!! - - Seriously, the prizes are so worth it. I can't even....

Yo makeupbloggerland, I want to see you looking happier in your pictures! Stop pouting and looking like you hate your life! People want the best for you!


more looks from a few weeks ago!

Hi again! Today I'm going to share some looks that never got posted due to laziness and lack of motivation, honestly. I created a badass look yesterday that I didn't photograph, so I plan on recreating it again today so I can share it!

I am in need of suggestions for mascara. I want a smooth formula with an easy-to-use brush. i typically hate the plasic/rubber brushes, but I found I LOVED using Urban Decay's Skyscraper mascara.. with a rubber brush. I guess it's all in the shape. I'm stuck using 'The Falsies' mascara for now, since the other one I'd been using dried up ALREADY.. thanks a lot dry climate Boulder, CO. What kind of mascara do you love? Only suggest the best.

- AL - Mistletoe applied to crease, outer lid, and outer v area, lower lashline.
- AL - Nasturtium on inner top lid and middle lower lashline.
- AL - Seed Pearl on inner v, and used to blend.
- Rimmel pencil liner in Black Gold.
I love the way this pic turned out, the colors and texture are cool.

-2- Very simple, yet interesting liner look!
UDPP and Pe
- AL - Maiden all over eye area
- Rimmel pencil liner in Emerald.. I think that's what it's called.. =)
TIP - When using a pencil liner, it's sometimes difficult to get a nicely defined 'wing'. Instead of getting pissed trying to make it perfect, I used a tiny angled brush to smudge the liner into a wing.. sometimes using a shadow of similar color.
- 3 various greens. You can use whatever colors you like to make it your own.
- Urban Decay - Smog, lightly patted on lower lashline
- SallyGirl baked eyeshadow in white outside of inner v and under brow


January 21, 2011

Evil Shades - Pin-up collection preview =)

Hey everyone.. as you know, I'm in the process of photographing the Evil Shades collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. I received the soon-to-be-released Pin-up collection and I am looooving it! Today I decided to use Vavavoom (the green), Bombshell (the neutral), Whisper (light purple), and the lipstick Silk Stockings, a pink-y neutral that has a definite blue sheen. They are all my favorite in the collection, but the other colors are GREAT as well. I'd say Vavavoom is the winner in terms of 'I CAN'T. STOP. LOOKING.' It's jungle green with this crazy microscopic rainbow and gold sparkle. Bombshell is one of the best neutrals.. it goes on so smoothly and has a slight blue sheen. I think anyone could wear it. It can also be used as a highlighter! I plan on posting the pictures as I go through with the project... but it might be a slow process.. ALSO I am waiting to hear back about a camera =)

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
- Vavavoom on the outer lid and crease, pressed onto lower lashline over PE
- Bombshell on inner lid, inner v, and inner lower lashline.
- Whisper in the middle, where green and neutral meet, also used to blend and under brow
- The white Sallygirl baked eyeshadow under brow
- Silk Stockings on lips, with a touch of Bombshell on cupids bow =)
- Meow Cosmetics blush in Livid Lilac
- Physicians Formula - Mineral Glow Pearls on cheekbones to highlight
- Clearly in need of new mascara so it doesn't matter what I used haha

I think it's pretty clear which ones were taken in daylight/flash !

This blurred pic (below) is included to show the rainbow sparkle I was talking about!

See ya soon!

January 19, 2011


Real life update: This may be a little personal, but I'm not really worried about it.. I got my copper Paragard IUD removed last week. No big deal, but the removal made me feel like a normal person again! I realize it didn't have any hormones, but it sure did fuck with me. I was having some serious fatigue and depression issues on top of constant irritability and heavy, painful periods but like.. as soon as it was out, I felt it all melt away.. it's like a demon left my body HA! So now I am without permanent 'birth control', and I'm fine with that. I'm positive I won't be taking pills of any kind and I am considering charting my cycle so I know what's up with my body.

Some other things in life have changed as well, like.. Michael and I signed up for a family membership at the YMCA! We've been exercising every other day and it has improved our quality of life IMMENSELY.. so I am very thankful. Who knew it was SO easy to be happier? I am feeling generally thankful and more conscious lately, and feel like I can do anything I want.. so I will.

I have a few looks backed up STILL, but today is the day I want to post my blue hair and makeup. I also went on a small shopping trip with my mom last night so I hope to post a few outfits, I hope I can inspire a few people.

My hair is flipped up so you can see more of the blue.. I lightened and blue'd the back 2 sections of roots the day after these pics were taken.. as I had only done the front 2 sections.

**For this makeup look, I only used 3 shadows so it was very simple. I used Fyrinnae's La Noche in the crease, outer v, lower lashline and pressed on top of black pencil eyeliner. I used another Fyrinnae shadow - Equality on the lid and inner v. Since it is such a glittery shadow that MUST be applied to a sticky base, I used the white SallyGirl baked eyeshadow to blend and to highlight around the eye area**

Thanks for looking!

January 14, 2011

3 looks, backed up from me not posting enough

Instead of each look getting it's own post, I'll just post a few pics from each so I can get caught up. I seriously have like 10 more! And my blue hair pics are coming soon!

Look 1- Main shadow used on lid was Aromaleigh's Elodie, among other AL greens.

Look 2- Main shadow used was Fyrinnae - Equality with Detrivore - Critter on lashlines

Look 3- Main shadow used was Detrivore - Dormant and on lower lashline Aromaleigh - Meliora. Fyrinnae - Equality is on inner and outer V.