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December 4, 2011

short watermelon post

i know it's been done before, but these colors are delicious together.. pink and green are also the colors related to the heart chakra! i used all new Aromaleigh colors for this look. lately, all the sample bags from the new AL collections have just been out on my vanity, since they are still exciting =)

so.. next weekend we will be traveling to Los Angeles, CA. it'll be from friday - sunday. i'm pretty excited, thought it will be a short, dreamlike trip. i can't wait to talk more about it, but for now i'll leave you with that tidbit.

i used: AL - Nina, Al - Saiph, AL - Altair, AL - Marni, AL - Love's Easy Tears.

enjoy <3

December 2, 2011

favorite hair color EVAR, and very neutral make-up look =)

hello again! today i would like to share my current hair color. i had no idea mixing some red with conditioner and applying it over blue would turn out so nicely! i'll probably be keeping this for a good long while. 

some of the things i used for the look:
-MAC yogurt eyeshadow all over lid and lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Lecher eyeshadow mixed with Fyrinnae's Avian Shapeshifter for the liner. AS applied on lower lash line and inner v. Lecher applied to crease.
-MAC Chill eyeshadow under brow (best shit)
-Clinique Creamy Nude lipstick
-Silver glitter liner from Fantasy Makers applied to middle lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Wormwood eyeshadow on freshly plucked brows. plucked is such a gross word.

over all, i'd say this is a really easy neutral look that could be expounded upon millions of times. last night i imagined doing 'neon skin' colored eyeliner and this is what i came up with! enjoy <3

thanks for looking !

December 1, 2011

Aromaleigh - new collection shades!

i am finally posting new pictures!! these looks were all done with the new Aromaleigh collections.. that i love. i ordered sample sets of starry night, fall tapestry, and valentines 2011. i think i may hold off on anymore orders until a few more collections are released, though it has been exciting to see so many new colors!! please forgive the state of my eyebrows =(

also, you may be seeing more posts from me.. i switched from using my macbook to edit/post, to using the huge iMac that has been untouched by me until i got the bright idea to use it instead. it's so much better!! and for some reason, my photos don't lose color when i post them from the iMac!

what's been new with you? i am excited to be back into posting! i've been making a ton of jewelry, and even started an etsy shop. i'll post the link to it when i have more than 2 items up =) send me an email, let's talk.

for the first look i used AL - Spica, Capella, Shaula, Izar and Shy Blush
for the second look i used AL - Antares, Procyon, And Betsey.
i've been using Fyrinnae's Medieval Haunting on my brows, it's highly pigmented and a little gold.. i love it!


September 7, 2011

1 pic wednesday

i dunno, i just made it up =) this look is from a few weeks ago. i have 3 or 4 more looks to post!

Fyrinnae - Banana Mochi, Avian Shapeshifter, Meerkat
Aromaleigh - Fruminous

see ya later

August 29, 2011

new creative flow

heyo! flourish of posts today =) i just jumped into painting for the first time ever basically, about 2 weeks ago. i've been stocking up on different colors of acrylic paints and canvas. i already have a ton of art supplies and 1 canvas so i started with what i had.. here is my first finished painting from my adult life.. i'm fairly proud, and think i'll be creating 2-3 more panels to make it a set.. while i love it, it feels like part of a whole.. just like you and me =)

thanks for looking =)

new hair!

i am here to share my new and unexpected hair with you. when i went to get it done, the friend doing my hair said she could do the rainbow hair i asked for.. turns out, she couldn't. on top of leaving with a totally messed up hairjob, she allowed me a very disrespectful experience. sad shit aside, i got to fix it myself and went with red on my new growth, and hot pink on my ends. a few days ago, i covered it in purple to make it a little more dimensional.. i felt like the red i had going on made me seem goth, which was embarrassing since i'm an adult now haha! so now, it's a bit darker and in the light it has this amazing purple sheen! i LOVE IT. my goal for the future is pastel, so i'll probably have to get a dramatic hair cut =/ do not want.

i used: Manic Panic Vampire red on new growth blended down, and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink on the ends and blended well into the other color.
later, i put Manic Panic Ultra Violet all over it!

these are the pics from right after it was done.

these pics are from yesterday- the current color. i really liked how i styled it, so i thought i'd share.. if anyone is interested in how i did this, let me know! it's so gd easy!

I realize my 'current color' pics aren't too clear, so in my upcoming posts you'll get some better quality pics =)

thanks for looking =)

August 12, 2011


hello! i'm really excited because.. i'm getting my hair done again on the 13th, so tomorrow. it's been almost 2 months since i got it done last and i never posted pictures of how it turned out.. so here they are!

i plan on growing it out even longer, and totally leaving my bangs alone. i've come to the conclusion that bangs are too much of a pain and i'd rather have them long enough to forget about. here's a photo of my inspiration for tomorrow, and i want more of the canteloupe-orange than is pictured here:

do you have any hair color goals or desires? do you love what you have? thanks for looking!

August 9, 2011

aromaleigh's diffindo, wonderous, and serpensortia!

 my favoritest new earrings, i wear them all the time!!

outer space nails experiment

hello! these photos are of my first real try at doing freehand nail art. i used a tiny paint brush, a makeup sponge/wedge, an assortment of polish colors, and a shotglass of acetone. i first saw a photo of 'galaxy nails' or 'nebula nails' on a message board, and got REALLY excited, so i googled a tutorial. i was very disappointed to find only one half-ass tutorial that basically said, 'get a sponge and put these colors on your nails and you're done' - it had no mention of any kind of technique, so when i tried to use the tutorial, i failed. hard. instead, i removed it all and googled actual photos from space and did what i could. enjoy =)

even though my left hand turned out like a paint splattered canvas instead of anything resembling space, i like 'em a lot.

June 28, 2011

children and food

i need a place to write this out. it's something i've been thinking about and using my intuition on from day 1 of joni's life. food, eating habits, the things i provide for him to eat and what kind of message i am sending him. how i am impressing the rest of his life. this is one of the only things i am unmoving about.

i have decided to do my very best to feed my son organic non-GMO produce, grass-fed free range meat/eggs, no corn syrup, no over-the-top sugary baked goods, ice cream, or shitty 'empty' food like mac-n-cheese or ramen noodles. i believe that the first years of life are the most important in terms of building up a strong and balanced body, mind, and beliefs. my beliefs on organic and non GMO are that.. yes, organic IS the best way because not only is it better for your body, it's best for the earth. think of the pesticides sprayed onto crops, and the runoff of those pesticides.. where do they go? into our water, streams, rivers, lakes.. insects and other animals pick them up as well. consuming non-GMO is important because little research has been done on how genetically modified foods affect the human body. the concept of 'you are what you eat' is taken very literally.. when we eat meat from a cow that has been cooped up in a dark and gross enclosure, denied its natural habit of grazing, and fed empty corn/grains, what are we really getting out of that? that cow probably felt terrible its whole entire life, and now we are eating an animal that felt terrible. i will provide some interesting and educational links in case you're interested in learning more.

it's also important to try and find produce locally, in your area. you're doing good here because you are supporting your community, and encouraging home-grown food instead of dumping the responsibility onto a larger corporation to provide food for us. just go ahead and google 'Monsanto'. some changes have happened, and 'organic' doesn't always mean non-GMO. it's important to find out if your local organic farmers are also non-GMO.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- - What are GMOs?
GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms that have been created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.

Are GMOs safe?
In 30 other countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs, because they are not considered proven safe. In the U.S. on the other hand, the FDA approved commercial production of GMOs based on studies conducted by the companies who created them and profit from their sale. Many health-conscious shoppers find the lack of rigorous, independent, scientific examination on the impact of consuming GM foods to be cause for concern.

"In the 1950s, farmers began using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to help increase their crop. But since then, weeds, insects, and diseases—the very things the chemicals fought—have developed resistance to the pesticides. This led to the development and use of even stronger pesticides. Not only are the pesticides stronger, but they also have to be used more often to be effective. Although the use of pesticides since the 1950s has dramatically increased, the same percentage of crops have been lost to pests as before farmer began using these chemicals.
The International Food Policy Research Institute conducted a study that showed 40% of the world’s soil is depleted due to:

* Erosion – from planning the same crop over and over again, in the same spots
* Nutrient Depletion – from using chemical fertilizers
* Salinization – the increase of salt in soil due to excessive irrigation.

Organic farming methods can reverse this damage, while also making healthy soil. The methods used in organic farming include crop rotation, careful water use (and controlling runoff), and using fertilizers like compost and manure instead of chemicals."
the end.... for now!

June 14, 2011

wad up y'all

long time =)
-hair update: clearly, it is mostly turquoise-
i am wearing
-'lilac dreams' glitter from Morgana on top of..
- Scar eyeshadow from Detrivore
- Purple Haze eyeshadow from MAC in the outer crease
- Cover Girl LashBlast Volume mascara

have a great week plz

May 20, 2011

this does not include the 15 or so bottles randomly dispersed throughout the house. this weekends gonna rule.

May 17, 2011

on to the next one

what happened to my blogging habit? maybe the word 'blogging' rubbed me the wrong way for too long and i just had to stop. or maybe a lot of things are changing in my life and i just don't have the energy to keep up with it, i think that's the real reason! i don't know if prettybottles will serve me anymore.. i might have to quit and start over.

my habit of becoming intensely obsessed with something hasn't stopped, so i'm going to share with you what i'm learning about in depth right now. CULTS. here are a couple of books i'm going to be devouring in the next few weeks:

Prophetic Charisma - The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities

Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant

i made a goal for myself to finish my application essays for Naropa University by the end of this weekend. i got pretty sick and haven't felt right about trying to do it while feeling physically ill and emotionally fucked but now i'm feeling great so i'm gonna do it! i really can't wait.. some other big things may be happening in the near future but i'm not sure yet so i gotta shutup about it til i know. after my unfulfilling update, here's a picture of my moms new kitten, Carlos.

ps - blogger is also a total pain in the ass to use.. i was reminded when i tried to upload pictures into a specific area and they somehow ended up at the top, or in the middle of my post. AND LOOK AT HOW MY PARAGRAPHS GOT ALL SCREWED UP! i refuse to fix it. suck my butt, blogger and your shitty code!