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December 4, 2011

short watermelon post

i know it's been done before, but these colors are delicious together.. pink and green are also the colors related to the heart chakra! i used all new Aromaleigh colors for this look. lately, all the sample bags from the new AL collections have just been out on my vanity, since they are still exciting =)

so.. next weekend we will be traveling to Los Angeles, CA. it'll be from friday - sunday. i'm pretty excited, thought it will be a short, dreamlike trip. i can't wait to talk more about it, but for now i'll leave you with that tidbit.

i used: AL - Nina, Al - Saiph, AL - Altair, AL - Marni, AL - Love's Easy Tears.

enjoy <3

December 2, 2011

favorite hair color EVAR, and very neutral make-up look =)

hello again! today i would like to share my current hair color. i had no idea mixing some red with conditioner and applying it over blue would turn out so nicely! i'll probably be keeping this for a good long while. 

some of the things i used for the look:
-MAC yogurt eyeshadow all over lid and lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Lecher eyeshadow mixed with Fyrinnae's Avian Shapeshifter for the liner. AS applied on lower lash line and inner v. Lecher applied to crease.
-MAC Chill eyeshadow under brow (best shit)
-Clinique Creamy Nude lipstick
-Silver glitter liner from Fantasy Makers applied to middle lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Wormwood eyeshadow on freshly plucked brows. plucked is such a gross word.

over all, i'd say this is a really easy neutral look that could be expounded upon millions of times. last night i imagined doing 'neon skin' colored eyeliner and this is what i came up with! enjoy <3

thanks for looking !

December 1, 2011

Aromaleigh - new collection shades!

i am finally posting new pictures!! these looks were all done with the new Aromaleigh collections.. that i love. i ordered sample sets of starry night, fall tapestry, and valentines 2011. i think i may hold off on anymore orders until a few more collections are released, though it has been exciting to see so many new colors!! please forgive the state of my eyebrows =(

also, you may be seeing more posts from me.. i switched from using my macbook to edit/post, to using the huge iMac that has been untouched by me until i got the bright idea to use it instead. it's so much better!! and for some reason, my photos don't lose color when i post them from the iMac!

what's been new with you? i am excited to be back into posting! i've been making a ton of jewelry, and even started an etsy shop. i'll post the link to it when i have more than 2 items up =) send me an email, let's talk.

for the first look i used AL - Spica, Capella, Shaula, Izar and Shy Blush
for the second look i used AL - Antares, Procyon, And Betsey.
i've been using Fyrinnae's Medieval Haunting on my brows, it's highly pigmented and a little gold.. i love it!