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May 17, 2011

on to the next one

what happened to my blogging habit? maybe the word 'blogging' rubbed me the wrong way for too long and i just had to stop. or maybe a lot of things are changing in my life and i just don't have the energy to keep up with it, i think that's the real reason! i don't know if prettybottles will serve me anymore.. i might have to quit and start over.

my habit of becoming intensely obsessed with something hasn't stopped, so i'm going to share with you what i'm learning about in depth right now. CULTS. here are a couple of books i'm going to be devouring in the next few weeks:

Prophetic Charisma - The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities

Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant

i made a goal for myself to finish my application essays for Naropa University by the end of this weekend. i got pretty sick and haven't felt right about trying to do it while feeling physically ill and emotionally fucked but now i'm feeling great so i'm gonna do it! i really can't wait.. some other big things may be happening in the near future but i'm not sure yet so i gotta shutup about it til i know. after my unfulfilling update, here's a picture of my moms new kitten, Carlos.

ps - blogger is also a total pain in the ass to use.. i was reminded when i tried to upload pictures into a specific area and they somehow ended up at the top, or in the middle of my post. AND LOOK AT HOW MY PARAGRAPHS GOT ALL SCREWED UP! i refuse to fix it. suck my butt, blogger and your shitty code!



  1. I quit blogging for a while. I might start it again, but I needed a break from the internet and its crazy.
    If you're thinking of switching, Wordpress is an absolute DREAM to work with compared to Blogger. Everything goes where it should!

  2. thanks, i'll keep it in mind for the future!