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December 2, 2011

favorite hair color EVAR, and very neutral make-up look =)

hello again! today i would like to share my current hair color. i had no idea mixing some red with conditioner and applying it over blue would turn out so nicely! i'll probably be keeping this for a good long while. 

some of the things i used for the look:
-MAC yogurt eyeshadow all over lid and lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Lecher eyeshadow mixed with Fyrinnae's Avian Shapeshifter for the liner. AS applied on lower lash line and inner v. Lecher applied to crease.
-MAC Chill eyeshadow under brow (best shit)
-Clinique Creamy Nude lipstick
-Silver glitter liner from Fantasy Makers applied to middle lower lash line
-Detrivore Cosmetics Wormwood eyeshadow on freshly plucked brows. plucked is such a gross word.

over all, i'd say this is a really easy neutral look that could be expounded upon millions of times. last night i imagined doing 'neon skin' colored eyeliner and this is what i came up with! enjoy <3

thanks for looking !