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March 5, 2011

Add a scarf to your outfit today!

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share this scarf idea I stole from another blog: - Kendi Everyday - She as some seriously amazing outfit looks and comes up with all kinds of ideas for different pieces. I've had this weird 80's shapes scarf for like, 8 years and have NEVER used it til last weekend. The shirt I had on under it is a little baggy on its own, so I used Kendi's idea with it. I got the stretchy belt at Urban Outfitters.

Check out those roots... I am currently sitting here with purple dye on freshly bleached hair. I CAN'T WAIT TO WASH & SEE IT!!!

Propel yourself forward by becoming thankful..
*I am thankful that I got to bleach/color my hair, spend some quality alone time, play with my new Aromaleigh eyeshadows, and get laundry quarters last night!! *That Michael got to go spend time with his friends last night *That jonas is such a joyful bubby *That we are going to Famous Dave's BBQ tonight for M's bro's birthday *That I get plenty of time to get ready when Jonas takes a nap, everyday! *That I get to have Yerba Mate in place of coffee today since I broke the french press haha *I am thankful that I realize my privilege as a size 4 white American *I am thankful that I've come such a long way in learning about myself, and that I now love others instead of judge them *I'm thankful that I am not hooked on Hollywood gossip magazines, news, or shows. *I am thankful that SPRING IS NEEEEEAAAAAAAAAR FUCK YES!

I am excited about..
I can't wait for spring, I can't wait to take a refreshing shower today, I can't wait to see Michael, I can't wait to sit down and put makeup on, I can't wait to post on my blog again, I can't wait to go outside, I can't wait to do all my laundry, I can't wait to change the sheets on my bed, I can't wait to buy a new comforter, I can't wait, to make new friends, I can't wait to hang out with the friends I already have, I can't wait to eat delicious BBQ, I can't wait to spent time with family, I can't wait for everyone to realize their potential and pursue their fucking dreams!!!

Here is a bonus picture of me as Frieda Kahlo from a costume party last year =) Have a badass Saturday and be considerate of yourself and others!


  1. Omg, that scarf idea is fantastic! I love the scarf itself, it looks tribal :)

  2. I love your last "I can't wait for". AMEN!
    <3 your scarf + how you're wearing it + Frida Kahlo, omg. That is perfection.

  3. The scarf looks great like that, and your Frida Kahlo, haha, great!

  4. I love your scarf outfit! And I'm really enjoying your grateful/excited posts. I've been thinking alot lately about what I'm grateful for - don't know if I'm going to start posting them, or just keep journaling, but it's nice. Keeps me more grounded, as well as happier when I think of all the niceness in my life. :) And since you're the one that I learned about RSL from in the first place, and gratefulness lists, thanks!