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March 4, 2011


Hello everyone!! I've gathered a good amount of energy to post a good post. I recently made a small Aromaleigh order (WAT?? They are still open?? I know, right?). I got 6 full sized jars and I want to show you the pretty colors!! I got a sample set of the Valentine09 collection too, I am fully impressed.
*This post will only prove how nerdy I am about describing color.*
Fidelius - This is a gold eyeshadow with tiny red glitter in it and rainbow sparks. The shadow itself seems dull at first, but when applied is so soft and magnificent. You should see it in the sun, GOD.
This is what it looks like in the sun, applied!
Eos - Don't be fooled by this soft looking red. It's hiding some dark purple glitter from you and a gold sheen! This one might actually have magical properties.

Impossible Things - I was initially uninspired by the sample bag I got. At the time, I was overwhelmed with all the samples I had received and didn't pay much attention to it. Recently I wanted to use a green I'd never used, and this one may be my new favorite. Perfect neutral green with bright blue sparks.. they don't fade away when applied, either.

-Astronomical Shades-
Nadir - I got this one for one reason: it reminded me of Urban Decay's Sin. It definitely resembles it when applied, with the addition of peachy-pink sparks and a pale, milky blue undertone. The shadow itself leans warmer and is SO much better than sin.

Binary - Reminds me of another AL shade, can you guess which one?
'At first I was like..
'Then I was like...'

Heliosphere - Is a light, mystical gold with hidden red glitter and gold sparks. The description sounds the same as Fidelius. The difference is that the shadow itself is a lighter gold, and the glitter is more prevalent.. not as sparkling.

I hope this was enjoyable! More posts to come.. again, I've got a ton of pictures back up from NOT POSTING. Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the inspiring posts I get to read on Google Reader.
<3 elizabeth


  1. Those are so gorgeous! I need them all in my life, especially Eos!

  2. Very pretty! Hope you have a good weekend too!