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August 12, 2011


hello! i'm really excited because.. i'm getting my hair done again on the 13th, so tomorrow. it's been almost 2 months since i got it done last and i never posted pictures of how it turned out.. so here they are!

i plan on growing it out even longer, and totally leaving my bangs alone. i've come to the conclusion that bangs are too much of a pain and i'd rather have them long enough to forget about. here's a photo of my inspiration for tomorrow, and i want more of the canteloupe-orange than is pictured here:

do you have any hair color goals or desires? do you love what you have? thanks for looking!


  1. wow, the blue/aqua/green combo really looks lovely on you!!

    Hair goals - mine is currently a mess in progress.

  2. Gorgeous!
    My hair is currently a natural shade of orange/red. And I am going to add a few teal streaks in a few months. Not too many, just a few to give a siren effect :)
    I might try magenta streaks too.

  3. I want to dye my hair greenish-teal again so bad... I'm hoping to find a job at a place where they don't care what color your hair is so I can dye it. I'm sick of being a blonde.

  4. Love it. I recently died my hair with subtle blue streaks in it but I want to get blue and grey strips in it. More like your color strips. :)

  5. My hair is dark blue but I added a turquoise streak two days ago. Fun times. Can't wait to see your new colours x

  6. i love all of your goals haha! i just posted about how it didn't turn out as planned, and added some pictures. enjoy =)