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August 29, 2011

new hair!

i am here to share my new and unexpected hair with you. when i went to get it done, the friend doing my hair said she could do the rainbow hair i asked for.. turns out, she couldn't. on top of leaving with a totally messed up hairjob, she allowed me a very disrespectful experience. sad shit aside, i got to fix it myself and went with red on my new growth, and hot pink on my ends. a few days ago, i covered it in purple to make it a little more dimensional.. i felt like the red i had going on made me seem goth, which was embarrassing since i'm an adult now haha! so now, it's a bit darker and in the light it has this amazing purple sheen! i LOVE IT. my goal for the future is pastel, so i'll probably have to get a dramatic hair cut =/ do not want.

i used: Manic Panic Vampire red on new growth blended down, and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink on the ends and blended well into the other color.
later, i put Manic Panic Ultra Violet all over it!

these are the pics from right after it was done.

these pics are from yesterday- the current color. i really liked how i styled it, so i thought i'd share.. if anyone is interested in how i did this, let me know! it's so gd easy!

I realize my 'current color' pics aren't too clear, so in my upcoming posts you'll get some better quality pics =)

thanks for looking =)


  1. I adore it! I want my hair like that but more blue and purple but I'm waiting for my bangs to grow out to do it.

    But love love love.


  2. Beautiful!

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience at the salon. Even if you mess someone's hair up, you should own up to it and MAKE IT RIGHT. PERIOD. It's so simple yet so many people forget that...

  3. Love it! You did a great job, even though it sucks you had to do anything yourself.

  4. I think you did a great job! This color suits you. And I love it!

  5. So jealous of the pink hair! It looks great on you.

  6. Love the hair color! You did a fantastic job. And I'd love to see a tute for that style, too, it's so pretty.