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February 2, 2011

A fun, wearable red look for self-love month/Valentine's day!

Hey babes! Today I was in a very pink and red kind of mood. I gathered all of my favorite pink and red eyeshadows and glitters and paired them to use for looks later in the week. I am going to try and stay on the same theme for the rest of the week, and post more often! Today I chose to use an eyeshadow I created using the remains from my sample bag of Aromaleigh's - Brazen and Bitter, because holy crap it's such a gorgeous shade!!! I don't have anything like it! I also totally missed out on ordering a full size.. luckily I am good at blending til I get what I want =) Something else I used, was the Flamingo glitter from TKB that BLIX made a sample of for me.. I put it on under the liner wing and patted it on around the browbone area. I hope you like it.

OH YEAH - I went out and bought my favorite mascara... Urban Decay's Skyscraper. It is seriously THA BEST. I know i've written about it before, but I really love using it. The brush feels so perfect and it makes my lashes look soft and naturally long!! I highly endorse this shit, go buy some.

On another note... I e-attended a Radical Self Love workshop held by Gala Darling yesterday. It was very inspirational and I am really glad I found her blog. I would like to share with you some of the things I wrote down in my RSL Bible that I want for the month of February... and don't judge yo!1. Replace w33d with something productive
2. Finish taking pictures for EvilShades, send them off (I'm halfway done!!)

3. Clean out my closet and wardrobe, donate shit
4. Get more plants, keep flowers on my desk
5. Clean bathroom, for real
6. Post more
7. Call my friends more often
8. Drink more water!
9. Write down the compliments I receive
10. Eliminate negative self-talk and body hate forever


I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
-I patted the 'Brazen and Bitter wannabe' on all over my top lid and a little above
-Morgana Cryptoria - Bloody Mary (the new one) in crease and a little on outer lid, to blend
-Fyrinnae - Sugar Skulls on lower lashline, and above 'B&B wannabe' to blend and create fun dimension (I want to get in the fun dimension!)
-MAC - Retrospeck under brow and on inner v, used to blend all edges. Retrospeck is so softly golden, it was PERFECT for this look!
-TKB Flamingo glitter pressed on top of Pixie Epoxy under liner wing, and on browbone
-CHEEKS: Urban Decay blush in Fetish, applied more heavily than usual.
-Meow Cosmetics - Glow Powder in Canary Diamond above blush, above cheekbones
LIPS: Maybelline lipstick in - Champagne Shimmer and L.A. Splash lip gloss in - Fairy Tale



  1. Super pretty!
    Wish I could take a bubble bath but where I live we only have showers ): But will use some shower gel that smells of wine and roses ;)

  2. I love this look!
    One of my favorite color combinations. Your B&B wannabe looks good. B&B looks more orange on you (the original too) but on my skintone it's more like a brick red.

  3. Pretty! I like how the lower lashline joins up.

    I need to make a list like that. No 1 - clean the fucking kitchen. I took the blender off the stand last night and I unlocked it the wrong way. There is soup EVERYWHERE.

  4. I looooove red looks! I only have a little sample of Brazen and Bitter as well :(

    And I totally need to hit up your #5 task. I cleaned mine 2 weeks ago top to bottom and it took damn near 2 hrs. If I did it more often I know it would go faster but holy frig is it ever BORING!

  5. Wow so pretty...I am so glad I found your blog. So inspirational. Love it!!!!

  6. you have some seriously gorgeous brows, I'm envious! These colors are amazing together.

  7. I -love- this look, seriously! Gorgeous. I also am so envious of your hair, rawr!

  8. Really pretty - love the lippy, the eyes, and your lovely hair!

  9. This is so gorgeous! It really brings out the beautiful color of your eyes.

  10. I signed up for the workshop, too, but haven't watched it yet. Looks great, though! Love this look - especially the double liner!

  11. I love your hair. Did you dye streaks? I am going grey, have been since the grand old age of 15 (9 years already, woah) but it's not all lumped together and I want that. I think lighter streaks are in my future! x