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February 15, 2011

oh, hello =)

I am writing this post today to offer some good vibes, cuz I'm good vibin' and have plenty to share! Recently, I had a very good idea come from my higher-self: Have a journal for times when I am negative, so I can write ONLY my negative thoughts and feelings in it.. and have a journal to ONLY write positive ideas, healthy self-talk, and inspirational or creative streams of thought. A lot of people might know this as a Radical Self-Love Bible. Here is my very new and awesome journal. I haven't written in it yet, as i have like.. 3 others haha.

I recently came upon a MULTITUDE of heart shaped-pendant necklaces. A quick Etsy search brought me to a couple of really sweet sellers. The hear pictured below is from ISewCute, I absolutely ADORE this piece! I purchased this after contacting June about creating a couple different custom pieces that I have yet to order. One is purple glitter, green glitter, and a clear opalescent heart. I'm pretty excited about all of them. I also ordered some pendants from RitzeeRebel, check her shop out too if you don't want to spend as much.

Here I am looking like I'm back in high school or something =) I hope you all had a great Valentine's day!!!


  1. I love the journal idea! I have like 15 of them because I buy them for looking cute but never write anything in them.

  2. You look so adorable in that photo!
    Journals are great, I've been keeping one since I was 7 and it's neat reading back on things that you may have forgotten. Plus cute journals always inspire you to write more I find! That and a good pen.

  3. Oh, you'll write in this but not the poop log?! No fair! :-P

  4. poooop log... oh I needs to know :D


    my friend kirsten got it for me as a gift! i have never used it! maybe if i set it in the guest bathroom, someone will write in it haha.

  6. That heart pendant with the sprinkles is freakin' awesome. I need one! Sprinkles! Ahhh I love it so much!