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December 30, 2010

OH MAN - SUKI I had a dream that we went shopping together!!!

I haven't posted in weeks! Well, here I am. I've been living life, spending my man's 2 week vacation with him and our lil boy, and playing a shiiiit ton of World of Warcraft. I Just enjoyed a glass of wine and spicy chocolate gifted to us by my grandparents.. they are visiting us for a short time and I'm happy about that! I guess I have a lot to type and I'm not even going to try and cut it short. After all the typing I have a few looks I'm going to post tonight but I may not be able to remember everything I used for them!

-Yesterday, I received my last 2 Aromaleigh orders... what a bundle of joy haha
-Today I finally received my first ever Isle of Eden order. The contents were SUPPOSED to be X-mas gifts, but clearly that's not happening anymore since I got them... today. Everything smells freaking amazing and I cannot wait to use some of it! I'm expecting my next order sometime next week.
- TODAY Michael, Jonas and I went to my mom's where my grandparents are staying. We celebrated X-mas together as a whole family and it was awesome. Seriously, 2nd X-mas of the year, double the food (Mexican food hehe), double the gifts! I got a freaking SEWING MACHINE, and everything else I'd need to use it! A cute supply box, a machine travel/storage box, a bunch of different colored thread, supplies, maintenance stuff, an instruction book and dvd... and the sweetest part of the deal is that each family member collaborated to get me all of the stuff.. like, what a gesture. I was made to feel superly loved and important.
- I went to Ulta with BLIX yesterday!!! Michael's mom got me a $40 gift card, so I spent it on BareMinerals powder, 2 LA Splash lip glosses and 1 nail polish, and a Rimmel eyeliner. 1 of the lip glosses is something I've been dying to find - clear gloss with silver glitter. I know, I've been meaning to switch over to Meow's face powder, but like.. why wouldn't I use the gift card to basically get free face powder? haha.
- Not sure if it's because of the New Year approaching, but I got super emotional the other day and had a personal breakthrough about my past that directly affects my 'now'. This is good and I'm thankful for the clarity. It's so awesome to finally be able to let go of something that had been 'eating away' at me and causing me subtle but lingering misery for so long. Why can't it be easy for everyone to really realize and acknowledge in a conscious way.. that life is truly short. Though our souls feel like they will be here forever.. they won't. Learn to get over yourself and laugh through the pain.
-Lastly, I am planning on coloring my roots... purple!!!

ANYWAY, enough of being real, let's get down to the makeup looks. Here's 1, the rest will have their own posts.

The consequence of not posting for weeks is forgetting what the hell I used.. sorry! I know I used all Aromaleigh greens for this look.


  1. Beautiful, as always!

    I'm glad you had a good Christmas(es)! I've been doing pretty well myself- I found a real, honest-to-God salon job and I'm currently typing on my brand-spanking-new laptop! It seems like everyone's doing a little better than expected.

    Hope your New Year's is great, too!

  2. thank you! i'm so glad to hear you got a real ass job and a nice new laptop! i hoped good things for you.

  3. I'm looking at your title and wondering if you're referring to me??? If so, that's kind of awesome!

    ROOTS? PURPLE? PURPLE HAIR EQUALS YAYYAYYAY! I approve. And cannot wait to see it!

    Your hair is looking good now that it's settled a little! It's still so soft looking, I love it.

    I like how subtle the green is in this look, it's a nice way of using green.