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December 13, 2010

Boulder, CO - Zing Salon individual stylist review - Whitney

March 19th, 2012 ***This is my most popular post. I get more traffic from this post than any other thing I've shared! I think it's old enough to be irrelevant, and I wouldn't really trust ONE experience to decide whether or not I want to go to a place. To be fair, please read up on Zing at their Yelp! page. granted... they only have 2 stars haha.***

Hello Dear Readers,
This post is going to be about my recent haircut. It's a bit negative, but when someone messes up your hair it's a just cause for anger. I decided to go to a salon in downtown Boulder called Zing with my boyfriends sister, Shannon. It's a very cute and colorful salon with glitter everywhere. They do those awesome feather extensions that are so popular, among other desirable services. Brazilian Blowouts, etc. I'd been there once before and got a great cut by a girl whose name i can't remember.. sadly. If i could, I'd find her and have her cut it again.

INITIAL INTERACTION/FIRST IMPRESSION - THIS time, I got a girl named Whitney. Total college bro type of girl. She said I looked like Kat Von D. which made no sense at all haha. She was generally nice, but i asked her a question at one point and she totally ingored me to talk to another stylist, then turned back to me and was like, 'What were you saying?' HA, good job dude. I showed her the picture of the cut I wanted, which really wasn't that different from my current style. I instructed her to just take off an inch or so from the length and trim up the layers, and that I like the 'shattered look' that Toni&Guy is known for. Here it is:
Whitney looked at it briefly, and never looked at it again.. which is probably why she ended up cutting my bangs WAY.TOO.FREAKING.SHORT. - As most of you know, my bangs were fairly long, and could have easily looked like the above picture, had she cut them properly. When I got home I also realized that the layers around my face were not blended into the rest of the cut at all, and that my hair felt 'thin' which is a terrible feeling. I will never understand why stylists think that every client wants their hair to 'frame their face', seriously.. don't fucking do this unless it's asked of you. My bangs ended up looking like this, instead:
...I can't forget to say that when she cut them, there was a point of hair towards my face, instead of there being a nice curve like side bangs are supposed to have. It was as if she didn't actually know how to cut side bangs.. after I realized my hair was drooping into my face, I showed her this picture, and told her to just cut them straight across.. since I'd been growing my bangs out for months trying to AVOID SHITTY SIDE BANGS.
She asked if I wanted her to soften the edge, and I said no.. I already had something I didn't originally want and thought I'd touch them up at home myself.. I didn't want to risk her cutting them too short again. They looked fine, but the next day I washed them, dried them, and flatironed them. It seriously looked as if she had cut them while drunk. They were uneven, and embarrassing.. even Michael said they looked bad. I called Zing to see if a different stylist could fix them. I went in to a girl named Josey who seemed cool and did her best to even them out. They do look a lot better, but there are still 'chunks' missing. In the future I don't think I'll be letting anyone else touch my bangs =/

The final result.. note the chunk missing on the left and the (still!) unblended sides.

My overall opinion of the salon is that it's a good place to go if you simply want a trim, or something abstract and a little crazy. It's important to mention that Shannon also got her hair cut and styled by Whitney, and she got basically everything she wanted out of it! I am so glad for her. The reason might be that Whitney kept asking ME what she should do for Shannon.. which was a little weird. I would not suggest going there to see Whitney (Sorry girl) based simply on my own individual experience. I hate writing such a harsh review, but when someone isn't careful in trying to give you what you ask for, and looks at the picture you bring in only ONCE.. I think the stylist has plenty of room to grow, and I think the experience was helpful for her.

It's a little weird that this experience made me want to go back to cosmetology school. haha.


  1. That sucks you had such a bad experience! I have learned not to let very many people touch my bangs, when I had them! I would always trim them myself. There is one stylist that I will let cut/trim them. I'm thinking about cutting bangs again, and she will be the only one I will let cut them!

    Just remember, it will eventually grow out!

  2. thanks girl, I wasn't SUPER PISSED or anything.. as I've had straight across bangs before (but the diff was that I CUT THEM haha!) so I'm used to them and don't mind that it happened. They just didn't come out that great this time around and thought a review of the stylist was in order. I honestly can't wait for them to grow out, though it will take FORRREVERRRR.

  3. Wow.. you're right that is a bad bad bang cut! The rest of your hair looks lovely though :)

  4. i hate when that happens, which is pretty much why i cut my own hair. otherwise it seems i end up with someone who expects me to pay for their version of what i want, which isn't the same.

  5. yeah, after the second bang trim by josey, she still charged me $10, but i asked if i could just tip her the $ instead of it going to the salon and that was fine.

    i thought about it and i think in about 2 weeks i'll be able to cut them into a cute lil side bang.

  6. I just got mine cut too! :) Mine's nothin special, I look more grown-up which kinda sucks lol

  7. I sympathize with you. I have been going through a year long stint of bad stylists. I got my hair cut about 3 weeks ago and FINALLY! a hair stylist that listens to me and doesn't go off doing what THEY think I will look good with.

    The salon should have comped you that bang redo!

  8. Aww, I'm sorry about that... As a stylist, I hate to hear stuff like this, but I will say that everyone has their off days. If I'm not wearing my glasses, like if they got broken or I was changing prescriptions or something, God help you because my astigmatism is so bad it makes my vision seem worse than it actually is.

    That said, fringe is one of the areas you absolutely should take extra care with. I always cut bangs longer than the client asks for and then make them shorter if they want.

  9. It sounds like the hair dresser didn't really have much experience with customer service either. :(

    I hope you have better luck next time. I'm not sure I'd ever want to get someone like her.

  10. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely shocking and the end result is no where near what you wanted!!! You definitely should never go back to her again, how dreadful she is to ruin your hair during the holiday season too ): I'm super sensitive over bangs having them as my signature look myself so seeing yours makes me want to cry!

    To be honest the rest of your hair - although thinned out majorly - is still lovely on you and you have a nice soft look but those bangs definitely need fixing. You suit bangs SO well and I hope you keep them! I love the effect it has on you.

    With bangs, you'll never ever get what you want unless you have been with a hairdresser for ages and they know what to do with your hair. Also, here's a tip I've learned: NEVER go to a female hairdresser. Seriously. They can get a bit jealous of your looks (especially since this one commented on how you look like Kat Von D - I don't see it, I think you're MUCH prettier than that skank) and so can do something to destroy it :/ ALWAYS go with a male hairdresser!!! But never one who is intimidated by your hair.

    It'll grow out, don't worry. For it out of the way (:

  11. Sweetie, I could've cut that look for you! Next time...
    That said, you look amazing with bangs! I love it!

  12. I guess all people who are pale with black hair look like Kat Von D... ok.

    Luckily I have never gotten a haircut I was terribly upset with, but I've never gotten a great one either. I just have my friends give me a trim and fix my bangs up a little when I need it, that's easy and it's not worth me paying for. I am too scared of the results to try and get an actual style. It doesn't sound like she bothered to pay enough attention to get a good result.

  13. I've had many bad bang cuts in my life; no one seems to get it right on me so I understand your pain. Your bangs should blend in soon enough. I like them though - they highlight your pretty eyes! ^_^

  14. Yikes! Lame. I tend to stick to one stylist zealously, and sometimes cut my bangs myself, because I've had bad bang cuts, too. What is it with bangs?

  15. i want 2 noe that side bangs with layers is nice cut or not