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December 7, 2010

Mini-post! Aromaleigh's Psyche and Lillith, Sugarpill Weekender

Here are a few pics from my quick makeup look the other day, I didn't have much time so i just threw on a few AL samples from my recent order and the Sugarpill sample of Weekender that I have never used! I intend to use it better next time since it's SO bright and eye catching. Psyche is also the most reflective silver I own at this point. Check it:

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
-AL - Psyche all over top lid
-AL - Lillith above psyche and blended into since psyche was just so extreme, and inner v
- Sugarpill - Weekender in crease and lower lashline
- Rimmel eye pencil in black gold (or something)
- AL - Chronos patted on top of eyeliner
-SallyGirl baked eyeshadow in white under brow


  1. Omg, weekender! Chronos looks awesome too!

  2. gorgeous - i love your crease and your liner looks awesome!!

  3. It's so pretty! I'm so jealous of your mad eyeliner skills! Damn you, astigmatism!

  4. Loving the color combo! The liner is spectacular.

  5. :O ! Weekender is so pretty, especially with that bright silver.

  6. *is busy looking to see if she has Aromaleigh's Psyche*

    I love this look! Another Sugarpill; seriously gonna have to do some major hauling soon!

  7. So pretty! Love these colors! Weekender looks awesome on the lower lashline!

  8. I really like these colors on you!

  9. Psyche looks so metallic! Love it!

  10. Hey!! thanks for the suggestion on my blog! I will try it out! :-) Its nice when people actually leave feedback Im so happy right now! so thanks! :-)