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December 1, 2010

"This is how we do it"

'It's friday night, and I feel alright'.. that's right, I'm listening to some 90's jamz today haha. Here's a sweet look I did the other day (sunday), that has inspired me to be more courageous and wear darker colors, more often. I just started playing WoW again and was inspired to do this dark look by my undead warlock hehe. It was actually very simple, and it looked so beautiful irl. The sparkles in Viviane were insane! I also wore Morgana Cryptoria's lipstick in Othwerworldy just for the pictures. Check it:

I used:
-Morgana Cryptoria - Harbinger on top lashline and up onto lid, also out where liner wing goes
-AL - Viviane - in crease and top lid, blended with Harbinger. on outer lower lashline
-Fyrinnae - Conjuror - middle lower lashline and above crease, blended into the edge of Viviane, and under inner brow.
-AL - Finite on inner V
-Sally Girl Baked eyeshadow, the white one with blue sheen outside of inner V and under brow, also under liner wing
-Meow Cosmetics - Crystalline cat Glow Powder in Canary Diamond applied to cheekbones above blush
-Maybelline Volume mascara, this shit rules and you need to buy it. Michael even asked me if I was wearing fake lashes!
-Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Otherwordly, the purple/blue one
-Lancome lipstick in Simmering. This color is great if you want some color, but not something too dark or dramatic.
-The blush I used in a combination of like 3 different ones in a jar!

Here, you can see where I applied Conjuror under the inner brow, it glows blue and looked so awesome.

Blurry pic included for maximum Sparkle Vision, look at the blue glitter, damn!


  1. such an awesome lipstick!! I love it! ♥ pretty looks too

  2. Love it! Otherworldly looks fantastic on you.

  3. loving the eyeshadow sparkle for the WIN ;)

  4. You rock the vampy blue lip...

    and 90's jams are the best. ;)

  5. YESS I just bought Otherworldy the other day and it looks AMAZING so I'm glad I did!

  6. Love this look! The blue lipstick looks amazing on you!

  7. Lovely eyes as always! I'd love to see a tutorial sometime! ;]

  8. That's a damn pretty look ! I love the lidcolor

  9. Uhm, so, yeah... that lippie is fucking awesome. Looks great on you, I'll have to pick one up in my next order. :p I have a slight obsession with reds that have blue sparkle/duochrome! Diggin' this look!