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December 30, 2010

Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy and Equality. Aromaleigh - Tunnel Vision. (all favorites!)

Ever since I laid eyes on Fyrinnae's Dark Fantasy, it's been a favorite. It's the most perfect dark green I could have ever asked for. Then there's Equality. If you don't own this, you NEED to order it. It's a beige-y base with rainbow sparkles, very reflective and enchanting sparkles. It's perfect for use ALL OVER, just on the inner-v, or however you like. Something I've been doing with it lately is getting some on my finger directly from the jar, and dabbing it around my cheekbones and outer eye area. It creates a cute and charming effect. It's like.. if you feel your look needs a little something extra, this is what you've been forgetting to do =) It can be done with any glitter or sparkle for that matter.. I've been tempted to do an orange look with fuchsia or pink sparkles on my cheeks. Aromaleigh's Tunnel Vision might have escaped your attention at first, but once used it proves to be a total winner. It's not silver, it's actually an antique neutral shade with metallic silver sheen. I'd have named it Silver Screen. Boy did I type a lot. BLOGGING BACKLASH. haha.

-A tip I've been meaning to post: I never ever use eyeliner on the lower lashline anymore. I put Fyrinnae's Pixe Epoxy on with my finger and use a very tiny angle brush to carefully pat on eyeshadow.

-Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy in crease, smoked out. Lower lashline.
-Fyrinnae - Equality on inner-v and under brow, also used to help blend
-AL - Tunnel Vision on inner half of top lid and lower lashline.
- I used regular eyeliner instead of Kryolan this time.
LIPS - Clinique's Creamy Nude lipstick. An amazing nude shade! You need this!

These pics were post-bang disaster, clearly. since this pic was taken over a week ago, they have grown in nicely =)



  1. Simply gorgeous! Your lower lashes are so long!

  2. Wow it's been forever since you last posted...I thought you died! Oh wait, I saw you yesterday. :-P

    Dark Fantasy is such a great green. Looks good on you!

  3. Love the bangs! :D And I agree, Dark Fantasy is gorgeous. It looks so good with your eye color.

  4. Pretty look! That lip color looks good on you!

  5. Wow, beatiful look, I love it! You look great with bangs. :) I keep meaning to try pixie epoxy + a loose shadow on the lower lash line but haven't got around to it yet. Nice tip!

  6. I'll have to pick up Dark Fantasy, I've been considering doing an all-green Fyrinnae order, there're so many I don't have yet and they always make me drool. And that lip colour is awesome!

  7. The bangs definitely don't look too bad.

    I absolutely LOVE the lip colors you use! You know how to pair things so well. :)

  8. I really like the colour combo! :)