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January 1, 2011

Before too much time goes by,

I want to share my glittery look from X-mas. I wanted to do an extremely obvious X-mas color combination, so here's some red and green for ya. It actually turned out really great, even though I felt like I looked crazy. Michael's mom actually really liked it haha! Something that sucks is... the day after I did this, I was missing a small portion of eyelashes from my right lower lashline. WAH!!! I wonder if the glitter particles cut them off??

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
-Fyrinnae - Sacred all over the eye area, but not under brow
-Coastal Scents Emerald green glitter patted on top of PE and brushed out to make it look blended
-Morgana glitter in 'Poppy' on lower lashline, pressed on over PE with small angle brush
-Fyrinnae - Equality on inner v and around the outer eye area.
-MAC - Chill under brow
LIPS - a Princess Borghese lipstick called Twilight, I got it a looon time ago. I disregard expiration if the product still works, smells fine, and the texture hasn't changed.



  1. I love the eye/lip combination - they go together beautifully. That lipstick is gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the color placement. That's weird about your lashes... :(

  3. I love this! So delightfully festive :D

  4. wow! love this look! so pretty

  5. it looks totally gorgeous, you did a great job with your own spin to the holiday colors :)

  6. Beautiful, as per usual! I love the glitter.

  7. What a fun holiday look! Love the red and green glitter!

  8. very pretty! and festive :) love the glitter! and you have awesome lashes btw!!! Happy new year!
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  9. It's such a pretty look but not that great if it was responsible for your missing eyelashes ): ): ): Try some vaseline on your lashes before you go to bed and leave it overnight, it actually helps your lashes grow!

    I like the bit of color you have in your hair! That's definitely new isn't it? Permanent or washout?

  10. thanks everyone! suki, the color is not new. it was purple but faded to this uggo blonde. i guess it's more visible because of the haircut!

  11. Really pretty and glittery, perfect for Xmas !

  12. really XMassy :D , love it !!!