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November 26, 2010

Why.. yellow there =)

Today, I missed the sun. I used only yellow eyeshadow! I was afraid I'd look sick but it ended up looking freaking awesome! Sadly, I forgot to put anything on my lips when I took pictures.

I used:
Detrivore Cosmetics - Vaccine on top lid
AL - Celinette on outer lid and in crease, lower middle lashline
AL - Zabaglione in crease and on outer lower lashline
AL - Lumos on inner v and under inner brow
AL - Drink Me under brow and blended down

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  1. I don't much like yellow but I love this shade and how you've done your look!

  2. CUTE! I love the yellow eyeshadow! That's the one color that's woefully under-represented in my collection. I have various golds and a yellow frost and that's it.

  3. Thats lovely! The yellow in the crease is really nice :)

  4. Best title ever! ;-) And pretty make up, too!

  5. Awesome!!! I love yellow eyeshadow!!

  6. A beautiful yellow look! I forgot to do my lips before I took pics yesterday too! You look great in yellow!

  7. !! It's like a lemon drop met a lemonade pie and they made sweet, sweet lemony love. I like it.

  8. Yellow looks surprisingly good on you! Please do an all orange look!

  9. Ooooh, gorgeous! Yellow usually scares me, but this is so great!

  10. thank everyone, i'm glad you all liked the yellow! blix i will do an orange look, possibly today if i have time.

    i think i like candiedmango's comment the most hehe