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September 9, 2010

first post ever, introduction

well hello! i'm actually pretty excited to start this thing. i've been playing around with the idea of creating my own blog for a long time. i am quite experienced with, but over the past 2 or so years it's been dead to me.. people have stopped using it, stopped posting, stopped giving me reason to look at it, so i don't post either! starting this is my way of keeping up with my own life, and sharing parts of it with others. i'd love to make friends and hopefully be able to help people somehow! hopefully tomorrow i will find a good chunk of time to make my first real post. i can sense that within a few weeks, maybe months of posting, my 'blogging' style with transform dramatically =)



  1. I'm your first stalker! Um...I mean follower! XD

  2. yaya! <3 not really sure who else will follow me, i don't really know any other bloggers haha.. and for some reason, i kinda wanna keep my family out of this, they already invaded facebook!!!

  3. haaah, I had forgotten I even had a blogspot account! but I'm totally going to follow you now! =)


  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! This is coming from a total blog noob, but I'm definitely following you! :)