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September 21, 2010

Fyrinnae - Arcane Magic: Avian Shapeshifter, Equality, and Urban Decay - Smog

Heyo, this look is from Sunday! It's a pretty neutral look color wise, but still sparkly and glowy.. which is the look I try to go for every time I do my makeup. I think Avian Shapeshifter is one of my all time favorite shadows. I bought the sample size from Fyrinnae, and I'm pretty sure I'll need a full size =) same goes for Equality. I only used a tiny amount of black eyeliner very close to the lashline on top. Smog is what I used to line on the top.

Also included in this post will be pictures of Urban Decay nail polish in 'Apocalypse'.. after 3 days of wear... also keep in mind I did the manicure at 4AM Saturday night so please, remember that if you think they look like crap.

Luckily I screwed up my thumb nail so you can see what the underlying color really looks like!! It's a very deep and beautiful purple. I dotted on China Glaze - Medallion on top for a little extra something. Check out the dorky face I'm making in the second picture hehe. Later y'all.


  1. I saw this in person and it was awesome! *drool*

  2. you really did drool, i saw you wipe your mouth!

  3. I never thought to use Medallion for dotting; great idea!

  4. thanks! i didn't do the best job, but medallion is the sparkliest and brightest polish i have.. so it kinda makes up for the sloppy application hehe.

  5. "Dorky face." Whatever! The second picture is awesome. :P

    Before I read that you used Medallion for those dots, I honestly thought you had put crystals on your nails. It looks great, and Apocalypse is so pretty!