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September 25, 2010

must vent.. you may lol

hey y'all.. i'm not about to capitalize anything in this post haha. so i went to BJ's last night. if you haven't ever been there, don't even bother. it's just a nasty chain like the rest of 'em. i had a house salad and their 'white pizza'.. which all tasted fine, albeit over fried and loaded with lard, probably not organic and definitely genetically modified =(... but today.. i'm feeling the effects. i have serious heartburn right now, feeling like a knife is stabbing me in the back and other unmentionable ailments =( i think after this experience i can and WILL easily swear off chain restaurants, no matter how hard they try.

something else i need to talk about.. a lot of you will probably be able to relate. remember back in high school when 'cool guys' would dump on seemingly a whole bottle of either ck1 or curve for men (by liz taylor)?? remember how they would walk by and their 'after-breeze' would be so potent you'd almost taste the bitter fragrance? they would walk into class and immediately fill up the room with the scent they wanted everyone to believe was coming from their body, naturally. haha, god.. occasionally i'll be out and pass by one of these guys on the street or in the mall. i can't believe the trend hasn't died out!! well, today someone came to my house and filled it up with their stench.. they have been gone for 20 minutes or so and i can still smell... whatever cologne dude dumped on himself. i just want to say, if your boyfriend or anyone else you may know does this.. please persuade them to STOP.  it's literally sickening.. it also screams, 'look at me! i need you to pay attention to me!' oh and this goes for the ladies too. lest u be smellin like cake or cinnamon or something edible, keep your spritzin' to a minimum!!

the sky looked amazing last night and i was inspired to do a look with the colors i saw, keep an eye out! <3


  1. Hope you feel better! I've only been to BJ's 3 times. The first time was just for drinks and the other two times I got salads which were OK, but not great.
    I prefer to make my own food at home and Jas's allergies make it easier to do that. At least I know what's really in my grubbage!

    Ugh...yeah, I think the main problem is nasal fatigue which means your nose gets used to something it's smelling and doesn't notice it anymore. So people think, "Oh, my perfume died down, I must put more and more on!" when they don't really need to. I'm sure I'm guilty of it, but I love smelling my bakery type stuff. Warm, sweet, foody smells are so comforting to me. :-D Right now I'm wearing Sugar Crack perfume...hell yeah!

    The sky did look awesome! I didn't get any pictures of it but I did get some of the moon. Looking forward to your makeup look!

  2. even if you have been guilty of it.. the fragrances you wear are DELICIOUS!

  3. Good God, FINALLY someone agrees about the perfume/cologne thing! I used to have to hang out of the windows at school whenever some jerk would coat themselves in some nasty scent in the classroom- perfume and cologne make me vomit and I have VERY severe allergies that took my sense of smell away for years and now that they're back... Ugh.

    I do love sweet, citrus-y food smells, minty stuff (especially Tea Tree shampoo!), but I can't handle much else.

  4. Omg, girls do it too. I work in a bar and the other day a woman came up to order some drink and my friend was literally choking, she had that much one. Awful D:

  5. My frikkin dude does that. I can hear him spray himself in the morning like 7 times and I've said "why the hell do you have to spray it so much!!!" his response? "well it fades away while I work" So thank god I don't work in that already rank rubber tire stinking shop and have to smell that too.

    My perfume gets one spray. ONE! I do have some solids I'll carry around sometimes cuz I am a total perfume whore but I'm also allergic to it. My nose will run non-stop. Lucky me.

    Foody-candy scents are my weakness. Lately anything smelling like cinnamon orange. So fall-like. Must be owned.

  6. my boyfriend doesn't wear any cologne.. his reasoning is that he doesn't need any because he doesn't need people to smell him and make judgments based on his smell. haha. makes sense. i guess he just doesn't like smelling the same thing on himself all the time, either.

    and hell yes to the cinnamon-orange, fall scents!! BLIX just gave me some of her Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oil called 'Chanukkiyah'. i just put some on (before bed) to see how it would turn on out with my body chemistry and it smells GREAT!

  7. Oh my god, yes! Every single time I smell that shit, I mutter "douchebag" to myself. So much hate. I'm not a fan of Drakkar Noir, Cool Water, or Axe, either, and they seem to be big around here. Blecch.

  8. I know what you mean about BJ's.. it's way too greasy and nasty. I think something that they do with the cheese and thick, greasy crust gives the heartburn.

    There's a pizza place in Lewisville that has a lot of organic ingredients and makes a vegan pizza.. it's awesome! I imagine there's some place like that in Boulder...