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September 13, 2010

purple glitter

sup u guyz? man, i am so exhausted today! i didn't sleep nearly enough last night, and felt kinda crappy today because of it.. but that didn't stop me from looking nice =) i spent a few hours with my new (and awesome) friend hehe. she was nice and allowed me to take home some pretty samples of glitter and other shadows from her collection. today I used a TKB Trading glitter, and some samples of Aromaleigh shadows. i took a picture of everything i used so i don't have to list it all. if you have a question about anything, just leave a comment! picture tyme!

the lip palette on top is Pixi Cosmetics, i LOVE these colors! i used the one on bottom left. it didn't really turn out that dark which is fine =) also, i totally forgot the blush in the photo. i used Urban Decay - Fetish. just got it today and it RULES!

i adjusted the color in the pic so the glitter color would look right!

enjoy, hope you likee <3


  1. gorgeous look! purples look amazing on u!