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September 28, 2010

3 looks in 1 day wow!

Hey guys, my computer is running low on battery life as uuuusssuuuall, and I have a bunch of pics to post from the past week or so. I'll start with the latest look that I did yesterday using Aromaleigh shadows from the Lost in Faerie collection that BLIX gave me samples of!

I wanted to say thanks to all the peeps that have been commenting on my new lil blog and making me feel special. I really appreciate the warm welcome to the blogging world!! I haven't really been commenting on other blogs cuz I haven't had time to get my reader in order..  anyway, love y'all and please enjoy the pictures <3

*I'm back to post the colors I used!*
First look: Aromaleigh 'Lost in Faerie' collection - elodie and elysia, Kryolan Aqua liner in black with FantasyMakers glitter liner atop it.

Second look: Aromaleigh 'Ciao Italia!' collection - tiramisu #51, nocciola #35, ciocolatto #3, and pistacchio #53. I used a brown Rimmel eye pencil that I've had forrreverrr and I wish I had used some black too, I feel like this look turned out really washed out.. like it was really missing something!

Third look: Honestly, I'm not sure what colors/glitters I used since I didn't use my own makeup hehe, but I DID make the main purple shadow that you can see on the lower lashline and kind of on the top lid. It's just a mixture of some purple micas and red sparks.

----------------------- Aromaleigh - Ciao Bella Collection Browns--------------------

----------------- Glittery look from the night BLIX and i went out-------------------


  1. My favorite is the last one, I just love purples :)

  2. Thanks you! I love purples too.. I have to consciously NOT use purple everyday haha!

  3. Love the aromaleigh look, the little pop of green makes it really unique!

  4. All three of these looks are so beautiful and unique! The purple glittery look really makes your eyes pop!

  5. I missed this post some how! Hmmm...I'd have to say I REALLY like the glittery look from when we went out. I was eye-humping your eyes the whole time we were out! :-P That's means staring like a creepo. Hee hee.

    How you liking the Kryolan liner? It's my fav ever!

  6. These are all so pretty! I don't think the brown look reads as washed-out, though, just a bit toned down, maybe? I love the pistachio wing!

  7. i looove the kryolan liner actually, but the brush i bought is kind of a piece of crap. it doesn't stay pointy, no matter what i do. i need to go to michael's today to try and find a better one!

  8. Yeah, both the ones we got sucked. I wonder why the one I got years ago is perfect and these turned out so thick. Not only do I wish I could create my own glitter...but I wish I could design my own brushes! Duuude. It's unfair!
    Michael's has some decent brushes for sure. Don't forget a purple sparkly candle!