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September 23, 2010


sup y'all? a few nights ago, i made a really great purple eyeshadow with some sparklies BLIX let me borrow, and some stuff i already had. i used it yesterday and it looked awesome!! no pictures, but i am excited to do it again so i can show it off =) i made a green one too.. it's like a dark mint green with lime green glitter. it looks like it could belong to the Fyrinnae Arcane Magic collection =)

if you had the opportunity to have ANY makeup company make an eyeshadow for you, which company would it be, and what color would you have them make? i want to know your color choice in extreme detail.

here's an inspiring photo to end my post...


  1. I really want a *bright* orange base with a slight gold reflect to it. and green shimmers in it. I'd call it Bright Fame because that's what my name supposedly means. Probably too much to ask but there you go. I think Hi-Fi would do something like that really beautifully. Otherwise I want a slightly pinkish burgundy with aqua sparkles which I'd call 'Of the Birds,' which is something else my name probably doesn't mean!

  2. I can't wait to see what you've been creating you mad scientist!

    I've already made tons of shadows, you've seen some! I prefer to make really dark shadows with bright contrasting sparkles and sheen, as they are more visible with dark backgrounds. Kind of like a flash light is more visible in the dark but might not be noticed during the day.

    Dude I sound like a dork!

  3. Hmm... I'd want a super-intense copper with a duochrome kind of effect with a crazy purple sheen. Like if you could combine an electric storm with a gorgeous sunset. Something super eye-catchy. Dunno what company, probably Fyrinnae. They seem to do a pretty awesome job with their Arcane Magics, which I have yet to try. Maybe I'd call it something like Eccentrion.

  4. Ok, now I want to try and make these colors. Marin, have you seen Fire Opal from Fyrinnae? It's not exactly what you described, but I think you'd LOVE it. You could add a little purple and blue sparkle to it and a bright copper mineral sparkle, and it might turn out like your color.

  5. Okay, I'll look at that, thanks! If you try any of these ideas out, please put up swatches or looks. I'd love to see what you come up with! =)

  6. just saw your blog..its very it really...