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September 19, 2010

fluff in between pictures. we all know everyone just wants to see pictures =)

CAN'T WAIT - Hey everyone, it's Sunday! Yay =( I mean, I've been looking forward to receiving some Kryolan black cream liner in the mail but I guess I'm gonna have to wait some more! I'm posting to let y'all know that I'm gonna charge my camera today so I can post photos of my new manicure.  I tried a different nail shape and used an Urban Decay polish I hadn't yet tried.. 'Apocalypse' it looks great! It's the deepest eggplant you can imagine, with a great formula. If you get enough polish on your brush, you could get away with 1 coat.

MEMORIES - I have been hoping, praying, and wishing for Urban Decay to get off their asses and release full size nail polish again. I remember back in the day (like 7 years ago) when they had the COOLEST EVER polishes!! That came with rings! They wore really well, and were definitely ahead of the curve, color wise. I can't think of another company that appealed to me as much as Urban Decay back then. Forever love <3

CURRENTLY - I made coffee with the french press for the first time today, and I'm pretty sure I did it right because it turned out really well. I've been intimidated by it since we got it, but today I just had to have some coffee. I stayed up til 4AM last night because Michael, my boyfriend was staying at a friends house. What was I doing you ask? Enjoying my alone time. Touched up my roots, painted nails, did a face mask. It ruled =)

K, I'll be posting later. Keep an eye out ^_^


  1. I remember the Urban Decay polishes - they were my favorite, especially one called "Roach," IIRC. Are you going to show "Apocalypse" and the new nail shape?

  2. i think so.. i forgot to take pictures of my nails the day i made this post, but they still look perfect somehow. i didn't even use a top coat =) i'm going to post the pics later this evening when i have a computer charger.