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November 24, 2010

Aromaleigh look using Eos, Expeliarmus, Zeus and Nox!

you guys.. i have to be honest. i feel like i've been off my game, for real. what do you do when you're feeling generally lackluster and like.. blah? I am going to skip the usual 'I used:' portion of this post and just do the pics.


  1. That looks so pretty on your eyes, and the liner is perfect!

    I don't know, I guess I just try to make myself feel pretty again? lol goodness knows it ain't easy sometimes...

  2. haha, yeah i tried to do that today even though i don't feel pretty. my skin is super dry and flaky in areas and i didn't get enough sleep so my eyes feel sandy and just all around gross. i know everyone feels like this sometimes but it happens to me a lot.

  3. pretteh pretteh!!
    I don't know how to get rid of the blahs. I'm still in the blahs lol
    Today I wore neutrals. NEUTRALS!! Can ya get anymore blah than THAT! I TINK NOT! I took pics anyways but duuuuuude, twas so boring. It doesn't help either that my skin is like BAM, BE SPOTTY NOW. And I'm like ooohh nooooo.
    And then some douche honked at me because they didn't wanna wait for me to get out of a car when I got dropped off just now. Yep, that bit o stress isn't gonna help my skin much.

  4. Awesome look . I love Expelliarmus , it's such a pretty color !