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November 24, 2010

maybe us beauty bloggers should band together to create a Zine..

so i got inspired by a picture in Allure magazine (DOUBLE BARF) of all things. the only reason i have a subscription to this horrid magazine is because they actually have good makeup looks (and bc i wanted to support my little bros school fundraiser haha). if anyone could PLEASE RECOMMEND a magazine that doesn't involve articles about plastic surgery, how to lose weight fast, and how to obsess even further about how disgusting our bodies are and how we should always look good for men.. i'd be more than grateful. i'm so offended when i actually try and read anything in Allure. seriously all i want to see in a magazine are inspiring photos and possibly some tried and true product recommendations. it's becoming more and more obvious to me that all those magazines; Lucky, Allure, even Vogue are being paid by the same huge cosmetic brands to recommend their products even if they suck or contain crappy ingreedz.

I used:
-AL - Morsmorde all over outer lid and lower lashline
-AL - Just A Head on lower lashline under Morsmordre to blend down
- AL - Serpensortia on inner v and blended out a lil
- AL - Priori Encantato above Morsmordre and blended together
- MAC - Chill under brow and blended down into Priori Encantato
- MAC - Yogurt all around eye area to soften.
-Maybelline Volume Mascara.. black tube with red foil letters. great brush and formula!

what a wonderful mess! the thing is.. it's not messy to me, it's an organized pile that LOOKS like a mess. haha, it's not always like this.


  1. Beautiful look! How funny you were inspired by Allure! And I don't think it looks like a mess! My vanity typically looks like that too!

  2. I know what you mean, I get pissed off whenever I read an article in those mags because they always have some kind of political propaganda... I don't wanna read that junk, I just want a magazine about makeup. The end.

    Your liner always looks amazing! My eyes droop down at the corners, meh >.< lol

  3. Yep, beauty magz suck, das why I like magz like SELF. It's about eating healthy, taking care of yourself and exercising with some beauty/skin care stuff too. Oh and sex health too.
    Nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and look hot for yo' man, if that is what you want. I do care about what my husband thinks about my looks because he's gotta look at me every day, just like I gotta look at him every day. But there is more to people than just their looks. Would be nice if these beauty magz also encouraged women to love and appreciate themselves while still trying to lose weight or improve something external and be positive about it. But they don't seem to.
    We must be healthy mentally and physically and that will show through on the outside. :-)
    I think most beauty magz appeal to women trying to "improve" themselves for the wrong reasons, which is horrible. Bleh.

    Anyway it's a pretty look. I really like the inner V colour. :-D

  4. BLIX - i've never read SELF before!! i should pick it up sometime.. yeah, i never meant to imply that it's not cool to wanna look good for your husband/boyfriend, whatever.. but mags like Cosmo always have something like this on the cover, 'how to get him to want/notice you, look great to pick up men' etc. and it's as if we should be making ourselves look good so dudes will be happy. something i'd like to see is a magazine that isn't aimed towards men or women, but people who like all kinds of shit. like, maybe a magazine that's got an article with a male makeup artist, some cool tech gadgets, travel, how to be emotionally healthy etc. i don't know, just stuff that PEOPLE enjoy, or could enjoy.

  5. No, you weren't implying anything. I just feel like magazines should help ya wanna look good for yourself and your man, but not all gross men in general (dude, who really cares?), unless you want to be hounded by pigs. And the plastic surgery thing is just wrong IMO. No thanks, I don't need breast implants to feel good, my man likes my tiny...tiny boobies. :-)

    Ew! Cosmo is worse than Allure...I tried reading it when I was 18-19 and it grossed me out. SELF does have some emotional/mental health stuff in it sometimes. I think that you will find it to be refreshing compared to these lame "beauty" magazines.

    Perhaps YOU should get started on a magazine like what you want. That would be so cool! You should look into it.

    And quit invading my dreams woman! :-P

  6. I think you've just described almost every womans magazine available. Kinda tragic really - makes me wanna hide them from my 15 year old sis while she still has some self-esteem and doesnt do everything just in the hopes of attracting a man :)

    Your EOTD looks fantastic! Beautiful colours and your lashes just look so amazing; cant help but be a teensy tiny bit jealous cos I can never get my eyeliner to look that precise ♥

  7. You should just start your own magazine. There's always going to be crap in the beauty rags. If I ever decide I need to know how to please my man I'll just ask him.

    Beautiful look, by the way. If I had a makeup dresser it would look exactly like that, but I keep everything in a case so I don't accidentally knock it onto the floor and step on it (funny how I haven't applied that same technique to thumbtacks, and how many of THOSE have I stepped on!?). I have too much furniture in my room as it is, so no vanity dresser for me. I just sit on my bed to do my makeup every day.

  8. I guess Food Network magazine doesn't really provide much makeup/fashion inspiration, but that's what I read!!

  9. I'm loving your look and your makeup piles! Very organized in my opinion (:

    Too true about the crap articles. One article I read recently just got me disgusted: how to make a sex tape. Literally supported sex tapes and making them! Even more ridiculous are the articles on cheating and how it's "acceptable". Trash. You don't find good articles anymore.

    You're right, I honestly think all of us bloggers would make a MUCH better zine!

  10. I don't read any women's magazines (or actually any magazines) for those exact reasons... I did have to buy some to analyze the sexist advertisements and such for a class I'm in, and I thought Cosmo was sooooo funny. It's hard for me to believe there are some people who take that stuff as biblical truth. I'd love a subscription to Fangoria but it's sooo expensive!

  11. @Yours Truly- There are articles about how it's acceptable to cheat!? Oh my GOD, I'm so glad I'm out of that loop! That is NEVER acceptable! UGH!