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November 5, 2010

hey look, more makeup wow

currently listening to: jonas trying to sleep, neighbor practicing their cello
currently feeling: like i just woke up. basically, i've felt like i could fall asleep at any moment ALL DAY. it has not been good for me. my brain isn't working the way it should. constant brain fog.

i'm sorry i haven't made a real post in a while. i guess you could say i haven't really been feeling it. maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's just me. maybe i don't get enough sleep ever and maybe i'm just not inspired lately. help, send magic or something!

here's a look a did a few days ago using a few from Meow and some from Aromaleigh. the green you see is MAGNIFICENT. it's 'paranormal' from Meow, which i WISH i had ordered full size but now i can't til next halloween =( i also wanted Curse and Supernatural. Meow has some really great products that i would totez endorse. ok, i fully love all the colors i used.. all of them.

also, the necklace i'm wearing was something my mom made in summer camp when she was 9 or something. it's so weird and kind of ugly, but it's unique and i've never seen anything like it, so i love it. i pretend it has magical indian, or owl powers, since it's supposed to be an owl. anyway onto the picz:

i used:
-UDPP and PE as usual
-MeowCosmetics Friday the 13th: Paranormal all over top lid
-Aromaleigh - Chronos in outer crease. it's the gold/brown you see in the first pic.
-Meow - Cursed on top lid where green and brown meet.
-AL - Tunnel Vision (i really f'ing want this full size, it's like silk) on lower lashline brushed down a little for sparkle power
-AL - Looking Glass on inner v. it was shinier than Tunnel Vision and the v needed something else.
-MAC - Yogurt used to blend Chronos out, you can kind of see the pinkish color
-MAC - Chill under brow
BLUSH: MeowCosmetics - Rhetorical Ruin. didn't use enough.
LIPS: Smashbox - Finale, with mark. glow baby glow in 'Hot'.
-Diorshow mascara

isn't Chronos amazing?!


  1. I love the look! And the necklace really pulls it together, I think.

  2. so hot. Lately I feel like my go-to shadow combos are the greens and golds. You look amazing as always

  3. Totally rocking the Mad Men look with that pretty red lipstick. Loving the look!

  4. Wow! What a great look! And I love the necklace!

  5. Chronos is gorgeous! I like the lip combo, too, very pretty! And also I gave you a blog award.

  6. Not really about make up per se, but what kind of eye makeup remover do you use? I've tried several and none of them have worked as well as I'd like.

  7. Very pretty . your look are always beautiful !

  8. you guys!! chronos really is amazing! i just have my little sample baggie.

    anonymous - i got some remover from Whole Foods and it's really not that great either. i just plan to use it up til i can get some more. i find that at night, olive oil or jojoba oil is more than excellent for removing all eye makeup.. and for a regular remover, mary kay has a good one in a purple bottle!

  9. I love the color combinations you do, they always go so well together and look amazing!