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November 12, 2010

THIS is neutral. if you're a fairy.

today i thought i'd fulfill my sweet mothers request by doing a neutral look.. i decided to call it 'fairy neutral' because of the sparkle factor. this is basically how i was doing my makeup daily, for months before i started this blog and some days i wouldn't even wear anything. i also included a few pics of my nailz.. one of the pics is inspired by Nihrida =)

ps - computer almost dead. will edit what i used into the post later!!! ONTO THA PICZ!

I used:
AL - Melancholy Maiden all over top lid
AL - Fiddlesticks in crease at first, but then realized it wasn't dark enough so..
Urban Decay - Smog in crease and applied to lower lashline with tiny angle brush
AL - Mimsy under inner brow blended into Smog
Urban Decay - Maui Wowie on inner v, applied with tiny angle brush
MAC - Yogurt all around eye area for blending and fresh looking purposes
Sally Girl Baked eyeshadow, the white one i always use, under brow as highlighter
Too Faces Lava Gloss liner in black 'tightlined' on top lashline and used as thinly as possible on top.
Rimmel eyeliner in brown basically dotted on the lower lashline. I put Smog on top to blend it kinda.
Urban Decay blush in 'Fetish'
Clinique lipstick in Sweet Honey. BEST EVER NATURAL COLORED LIPSTICK. A+.
The Falsies mascara, it seems to be easier to use now.. just takes a little practice. i still don't think i'd buy it again.


  1. you are so pretty! I love the look and i love your nails, and I love your septum ring, I wish i still had mine!!

    I also love the name of this look, cant wait to see what you used!


  2. Beatuiful babe!

    When I am with a client I always check what they think natural or drmatic is, everyones thoughts are different. I could go so wrong if I didn't ask sometimes! xx

  3. liquored- I'm so glad for all the loving!! What is your name for future ref?

    Hannah- you're so right. When I did my friends makeup for her wedding, I used similar colors on her.. But made sure she was ok with the sparkles etc. Some people hate sparkles, and just want to look like they don't have anything on. I get that, but it's totally boring and not my style :)

  4. Gorgeous! And I love your skittle nails. :)

  5. This is fantastic. You make neutral colors look glamorous!

  6. I think it's a nice neutral look :)

  7. Your momma's request would be the same as mine. I remember my mom holding a NYX trio that had a yellow shadow in it and she said "who the hell would wear this?" Then a year later...ME! lol
    Very pretty look!

  8. Beautiful! That's my kind of neutral look too. Can't wait to see the products used! :)

    Haha KittenMittens, my mom saw a yellow shadow I got from Hi-Fi and she was all, "What is that?" "Eyeshadow, mom." "People wear yellow eyeshadow?" xD

  9. Hehehehe, you always look gorgeous! :*

  10. I LOVE this look...maybe one of these days I'll get around to watching the YouTube videos like you suggested so I can learn how to be a proper lady and apply my makeup. :)

  11. Your last look is beautiful - will have to try it when my Aromaleigh stuff arrives.