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November 19, 2010

pictures never posted

hey guys, sorry i haven't posted in like 5 days! it feels like forever. this week has been weirdly busy and stressful, and even though i could have found some time to post, i haven't really been that happy with my makeup looks and haven't been trying very hard. whatever though, it's the FREAKIN WEEKEND and i have some older pics to post that i didn't want to post in the past. so here they are, and today is the LAST DAY to enter the mini-give away for the Night Elf palette! tell your friends!

this is a picture of the SUN, taken during the forest fire here in boulder. it smelled like burning trees and ash was everywhere =(


funny picture of joni when we went camping

this is my most recent look.. it was done quickly and easily. sadly, i didn't get very many pics of it and this was the best one.

i guess we find out who the winner is tomorrow =)


  1. that purple and yellow one is simply breathtaking!

  2. Last look is my favorite! I love the way the purple and black lines lay beside each other, neither overpowering the other.