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November 8, 2010

neon green look, and a purple eye look for your pleasure

alright, i always do this. like a true procrastinat0r, i've gotten into the habit of waiting til the verrry end of the day, well into the night to begin a new blog post. NOT COOL. i promise to do it when i'm not tired so i can put full focus on making a quality post. this time, i will post pictures and come back tomorrow and edit in the products i used.

-AL - Hyperion all over top lid. it's the one with the little irridescent red flakes of glitter. it's AMAZING.
-Fyrinnae - OMGWTF on outer and middle lid
-Fyrinnae - Danse Macabre in crease and on outer lower lashline
-AL - Impossible Things on middle lower lashline
-AL - Lumos on inner V

i'm not really proud of this look. i mean, it was okay irl. but it's a typical color combo and i didn't do a very good job. i was rushing to go to my moms house an hour+ away!

-AL - Orchideous all over top lid
-AL - Hearts A' Plenty on middle part of lid, but i hardly used it.
-AL - Apocolypse Pansy is the dark purple you see. lower lashline also.
-AL - Odile is the cool, sparkly purple you see on the outer liner wing. it's also on the lower lashline a little
-Urban Decay - Maui Wowie on inner v.

oh yeah!! kathyfuckingjacobs, Painted, and makeupzombie, have given me a blog award! i don't really know what to do with it since i am a total blog n00b.. but man i feel loved and appreciated. you guys are the BEST!


  1. I love your liner in the first picture, I'm jealous it is so perfect!

  2. Very pretty! I have a similar green shadow from NARS in the "Rated R" shadow duo. It kind of has a gold shimmer. I don't use it much but I really love the color.

  3. Whats the lid colour for the green look, prettyplease?

  4. I love the looks!
    My guess is estranged and Banana Mochi maybe and for the other Pass the tarts and Hearts a plenty?

  5. I really love the green look on you! Gorgeous.

  6. thank you guys! i'm glad y'all like this. kittenmittens.. you got it right with hearts a plenty =) i am going to post what i used right now, so keep an eye out.

  7. :P I love that purple look. The neon green is stunning, too!

  8. Thank you for your inspiration! You make it just perfect, I love it!

  9. I think both are such lovely combinations! I feel like you can pull off any color, be they pink or green. The green is absolutely breathtaking though. I can't take my eyes away, lol!

  10. I really love the top look. It's hot!

  11. man elizabeth.. your eyeliner seriously always looks good in these pics. do you ever have bad days? every day this past week i've been making mistakes and putting mine on WAY too thick. the little flick at the end looks ridiculous and I either have to just go with it or redo the whole thing. tips and pointer pls

  12. Love your ability for eyeliner application. It's flawless!

  13. sweet ladies =)

    jennifer - YES i have bad days. the purple look i posted was a bad day. i had to redo my liner like 3 times on my right eye and even when i got it right i still didn't like it and put AL-Odile over it haha.

    my advice: 1. if using liquid liner, GET A GOOD BRUSH. like, get the thinnest brush possible. go to michael's and look at the art brushes there. 2. forget about trying to make your liner perfect and try to relax while doing it. like, relax your hand and eye and don't become stiff. just take your time and go slow. also, practice!

  14. I loooove love love both of these! I can't choose a favorite :D I wish I had your amazing liner skillz.

    Did your septum piercing hurt pretty bad? I want a really small one like that, but it's not worth it to me if it hurts a lot.

  15. heather, thank you. every compliment is like fuel for me to post more.. so i really appreciate it!

    honestly, i was super afraid when i went in to get it done so i asked to hold one of the tattoo artists hands haha. the girl that pierced me did it very quickly. she told me to breathe in, then when i breathed out she did it, and it was like a pinch feeling. a hard pinch, with just an echo of pain. (why am i being poetic?) my eyes watered for like ONE minute and it didn't hurt anymore. it was sore for about a week after, but it wasn't a big deal. if you can deal with period cramps, you can deal with getting your nose pierced! good luck, and post pics when you do it! oh yeah, getting your ear cartilage pierced hurts A MILLION times worse!

  16. That's exactly what they did when I got my nose stud too. This sounds like basically the same thing so I think I can do it! Just have to wait until I move though, I'm already in trouble at work for the stud :P Thank you!

  17. Your eyeliner skills are incredible. I hate you (j/k) xx