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November 21, 2010

i got 99 followers and a ____ ain't one (lol, it's funny cuz it's true)

post title: i just had to haha. this look is from yesterday. its.. OKAY. I tried to do a look based on this comment from Ariana: "Hi! :) I'd love to see an antique gold with a royal purple or royal blue paired together. Either that, or some cool blue purples paired with something with icy blue shimmer."

since i'd already done a royal purple/antique gold look, i went for the cool purple/blue shimmer. it didn't turn out as vibrant as i had planned, but it looked nice well into the evening. in the flash photos, the purples look way warmer than they actually were. the daylight pics are more accurate: 2nd and 6th photos.

I used:
-AL - Emerenta in crease
-Al - Artemis on top inner lid
-AL - Colette in crease over Emerenta, and on lower lashline
-AL - Meliora under brow, to help blend Emerenta
-AL - Naida just under brow and on inner V
-Archetype - Northern Lights in inner v
LIPS: Pixi Cosmetics lip Palette in Perfect Rose, one of the lighter pink ones.

this beautiful.. uh.. depiction is for BLIX

blurred pic for maximum sparkle vision

here's a picture of my sweet yet sometimes very aggressive (towards me only) meowman, Momo.

..and my current manicure.
-Sally Hansen - Purple Gala, with SallyGirl gold glitter on top
-Color Club - Snakeskin with the same gold glitter on top.

lastly, another look from a few days ago that never got posted:
-Fyrinnae - Sacred on top lid
-AL - Ananke - lower lashline

-another Woobie Bath perfume oil review, i have like 15 to review.. AND A 15% COUPON CODE, watch out for it!!!
-Goddess Blends: Ancient Oils etsy shop review
-more makeup looks, more often



  1. That purple look is soo pretty!
    And your cat it so cute. He has a really interesting color.

  2. It's fab how the look goes from looking blue to purple, and the dazzly photo is just perfect !

  3. GORGEOUS. :) And it's super exciting to have you actually read my comment (some bloggers don't). ^__^ you have the perfect eyes for eye makeup.

    Beautiful as always!
    Looks like I need to get Purple Gala! Sally Hansen is buy one get one free at Rite Aid this week. :)


  4. :O Gorgeous. I love how you do your eyeliner. I wanted to get Emerenta sooo bad but it's all gone D:

  5. Great purple/blue look! Love the last look with the gold lid and pink lower lashine! Snakeskin looks awesome with the gold glitter over it!

  6. teipu - thanks, he's a flamepoint siamese. i think he's my soul cat, same as soul mate.

    MD - yeah! i intended it to be purple, but as cool toned as possible.

    ariana - aw girl, i read every comment and try to respond to the substantial ones.. and i appreciate each compliment. i'm glad you liked the look!

    anna - thanks, good eyeliner is all about being patient haha, some days i want to skip it. also, i wanted to get emerenta full size as well but was too late =(

    kathyfj - ty! he's the best!

  7. Beautiful makeup, I really love the gold lid. And your kitty is a cutie! ;3

  8. Very pretty purple look ! And i love the picture from your Cat Momo :D , i adore Cats :)