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November 14, 2010

Rose Gold and NYC Rose Lip Gloss

real quick *i posted what i used for the neutral look, so go check it out!*

dude, you guys... i went to Ross today and bought two packages of Color Club polish (contains 7 each), and 2 packages of Tres Risk polishes (4 each).  then i went to Sally's and got 2 China Glazes and 1 Sally Girl polish. HOLY SHIIIIIIIII i am so excited. i love every single color and plan on making a badass polish post soon, since i feel i haven't really focused on polish at all. i have never used Tres Risk before and they look so freaking unique and high-quality in the bottle. can't wait to share.

my boyfriend Michael left for New York today, he'll be back on thursday.. but i am left without a computer charger so i think i'll have to go buy one while he's gone =) it's been really annoying having to 'save' my computer time since the battery only lasts so long.. and editing pictures and making a quality post takes a while.

ANYWAYZ, here is the look i did today that made me feel super pretty, and i will totally do it again. also, i wore my favorite lip gloss and one of my favorite perfumes and my hair looked good. yay day!

I used:
- UDPP and pixie epoxy as usual
- MAC - Rose pigment (here's another blog post about how much it rules - all over outer part of top lid, and a little on lower lashline
- AL - Zeus on inner v and inner part of top lid, i also blended it up under the brow and over Rose
- AL - Pass The Tarts on outer part of lower lashline
- Kryolan Aqua Color liner in black
- Falsies mascara on lower, Diorshow on top.. srsly i need to just throw it out but i caaaan't
- Sally Girl white baked eyeshadow under brow
- Urban Decay blush in Fetish
- Smashbox lipgloss in 'Beauty', HELLO SMASHBOX PLEASE BRING IT BACK
- NYC rose lipgloss in Peony Kiss atop the above

okay, here's a picture review of NYC Rose Lip Gloss in Peony Kiss. I bought this at Rite Aid with my own skrill so no one is paying me for this. clearly, the texture is silky smooth, literally like butter. the color is rich and should have cost more than it did. this is definitely worth picking up!

the end!


  1. I've done something similar to that! I used a warm, rose-pink with gold sparkles and a pale gold. My lips were neutral, I think.

    Sounds like you're a polish addict like me! I've seriously bought like 6 bottles of nail polish this month. I need to slow down. I'm trying not to get any more until after Christmas.

  2. Really delicate look, I like it (:
    Definitely think I'll have to check out NYC's lipgloss, it looks too pretty to not have!

  3. Your hair is looking super amazing today! I love those days when you feel beautiful :)

  4. I am adoring the eyes, a party MUST look! x

  5. I feel like I need to stop by the MAC store now and pick me up a jar of the Rose pigment. This look is amazing! Grr, I wish my local CVS had a NYX line - it's so sparse I have to drive into suburbia to find a properly stocked drug store. If it's as buttery as you say it is, count me in. :)

  6. A beautiful look! And the NYC gloss looks amazing!

  7. ohh I cant wait to see your polish post! i love nail polish!!
    and that look is just gorgeous so soft and feminine

    and that rose lip gloss is so pretty too!

  8. Ohhh, that gloss! I wonder if it's out over here! And I love the EOTD - Rose pigment really is lovely!

  9. Sooooo pretty! I love everything about this look!

  10. Beautiful look. I just found your blog it looks fab, i love to see FOTD for inspiration xx

  11. Wow that gloss looks so pretty and pigmented!

  12. Oh my gawd, this is gorgeous! I am in awe.

    And that gloss, it's pretty kick ass!

  13. I love gold and pink together! Dude, your lipglosses totally look like puckered buttholes...with hemorrhoids! Mwahahahaaa! I hope you think about that every time you go to apply them! :-P

  14. I love this look, I actually did something inspired by it which I'll be posting soon :)

  15. the eyes look gorgeous! great job :D