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January 7, 2011

A few basic tips on using mineral shadows

I realize there are millionz of opinions, tutorials, guides, videos, etc out there for mineral shadows, but this will be my short advice. I can totally understand the frustration that trying to use any kind of loose shadow can bring.. 'Everytime I use them it gets all over my face, I just can't do it." Everything takes practice. I will list a few basic tips below that you should always keep in mind when using mineral shadows:

Should I post a video to follow this post? Let me know if this was helpful in any way.. =)

-You must ALWAYS use some kind of base or primer.
Urban Decay Potion Primer and others like it, is regular shadow base, and isn't made for mineral shadows. Something like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy used over UDPP or the primer of your choice, is sticky and can actually hold on to the loose powder. Detrivore Cosmetics offers a great primer as well.
- The key to not getting the powder all over your face.. is a combination of two things - It begins with your brush. You touch it lightly to the powder, then repeatedly pat the brush on the inside of the lid of the shadow. You are 'lightly pounding' the color into the brush. It does not hurt the brush if you do it lightly, and the color is packed into the brush so as not to drop off of it when used! Also feel free to tap the excess color off.. I don't do this, though.
-Second, you will PAT, or PRESS the color onto your eye area with the brush. You will not immediately start rubbing the brush on your eye to transfer the color, that's a great way to get fallout. So.. press the color on and no rubbing.. a lot of little 'pats' over and over will be your blending method. Also, once the color has been pressed on, you probably won't experience any fallout while trying to blend. It takes patience and skill! With most things, you must build your way up by experience. The more you practice, the better you will get. Remember that a lot of things are hard at first.


  1. These are fantastic tips! Great post :)

  2. Great tips, I'd love to see you do a video! :)

  3. Obviously the primer is where I've been going wrong - I just use UDPP. Interesting post, thank you for the information. :-)

  4. These are really good tips and things I have to remind myself of a lot! I'm not so great with applying loose pigments but I'm improving.