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January 28, 2011

Last of the forgotten looks..

Soon I'll be up to date with my looks! The first one I'll be posting was from a few days ago, and the last one was from before I colored my hair so it's weeks old.

-Look 1-
-UDPP and PE as uze
- Fyrinnae - Avian Shapeshifter <3 on top lid and lower lashline
- Detrivore Cosmetics - Lecher above Avian S. used to blend and soften edge
- Aromaleigh - Hearts a Plenty under inner brow, you can kind of see the light pink in the pics
- Aromaleigh - Hot Stuff under liner wing
-LIPS - a creamy/matte pale pink lipstick over gloss.. don't use this type of lipstick on chapped lips ew.

-Look 2-
UDPP and PE as uze
-LIPS - L'oreal lipstick in - Fawn Fatale. This is the darkest I'll wear if I'm leaving the house.. unless it's dark red.. even then.. I have lipstick fear!
- Aromaleigh - Grace on top lid blended up (Grace is my middle name)
- Aromaleigh - Sparkling Luna on inner-v and under brow a little, and obv. on lower lashline.
- Aromaleigh - Sabine on lower lashline, patted on top of PE with tiny angle brush
- Rimmel  - Emerald pencil liner with..
- Aromaleigh - Melone patted on top
- Aromaleigh - Curious Dream used above Grace to blend, applied in a rainbow shape hehe

..And a picture of my family taken X-mas night! Check out the very white Momo looking unhappily captured.

Later Y'all!


  1. Love your eyebrows!
    What a cute family photo!

  2. Such an adorable family! Fantastic looks! :D

  3. I love how you have your bangs so wispy. I should take your photo to my hair stylist for guidance. :D

  4. I love the first look! And your bebeh is so cuuuute!

  5. Uber cute family!
    Loving the wings on that liner missy.

  6. Fawn Fatale looks so pretty on you! I love the greens look. What a cute family!