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January 6, 2011

Navy and neon lime

Before I get into what I used and the pictures of this look, I want to know if anyone reads or appreciates the reviews I have done. I want to know because if not, I won't do them anymore. I enjoy using the products, but I don't feel the need to review things unless people are actually interested in the stuff. I 've tried not to review the same ole stuff everyone else does and opt for smaller, or very new and unknowns. Also, no companies have ever contacted me about reviewing so I'm not like.. obligated or anything. On to the stuff that matters! Kind of!
Last week, I woke up with this look in my mind.. so I did it that day. Navy blue and lime green!

I used:
-UDPP and PE- I did not put the PE too far above my lid, because the navy color I used is a butthole to try and blend. it's sort of a matte shade so it would have ruined everything.
-Detrivore Cosmetics - Ectoplasma all over top lid and inner v
-Lola Cosmetics - navy blue pressed shadow from a compact collection I got years ago! It's the only navy I own! This must change
-MAC - Yogurt used to blend and soften
-MAC - Chill under brow and around inner v
LIPS- MAC - Pretty Please lustre. This is the only MAC lipstick I own. I don't wear it often because it likes to travel into the wrinkles on my lips, and if they aren't in pristine condition, it shows and looks 'nasty'.



  1. Thanks for all of the feedback you're awesome, Also I love the reviews you do! :) and the look is great! What is on your cheeks? its very pretty! ♥

  2. I enjoy reading your reviews :)

  3. I just found your blog, but I hope that you continue to do reviews! I LOVE this look!! It's beautiful!!

  4. Oh my GAH you rock the lime greens!

    I had a "should I continue to do reviews" moment a month back. I realized if it's something I really like, then I'll review it, but I won't feel pressured to, unless someone specifically asked me. I think you do what feels right.

  5. liquored - no prob! i'm glad to hear that you enjoy my reviews! i barely get comments on them, so i have no idea if it's because they suck or if no one has anything to say.

    basht - awesome, thanks!

    erica - i'm glad you found it, cuz yr blog rules!! i'm going to follow you now =)

    wendi - thank you twice.. i think you're right about just doing what feels right. I never feel pressured to do reviews, but i often put them off because it's time consuming. i think i will only do reviews for products i LOVE.

  6. Ectoplasma: LUSH!

    Review what you wanna review. I always find looks get more love on my blog, but writing a review helps me get my head around products and swatching helps me think of combos etc so I'll always do it! Do what you want, dude.

  7. I read them! I love reviews - I've found lots of great products (and avoided bad ones) that way. There's no such thing as too many reviews.

  8. I do read your reviews! I actually tried getting the rhassoul clay the other day but was waiting to see if the store ever contacted you back about the ingredients issue. I would love it if you continued on reviewing them. :)

    I love this look! I can see why you don't really like the lipstick but I think it looks nice on you.

  9. Love to read your reviews even though I don't comment often so please keep 'em coming. And this eye is gorgeous. I love how the outer corners look to have almost a purpley (if that's a word) tone. Possibly the navy blue mixed with another color?

  10. Oh, and your eyelashes freakin' Rock woman!!

  11. I really like your reviews, especially when they cover something I haven't seen before.

    The makeup: AH! I love this combo! The navy almost looks purple (blurple?) in the outer corner/crease.

  12. Thanks for your comment - duh i totally forgot you had it done too! And you look hot with it! I love this look, lime green and navy is a combo i would never have thought of, but its so pretty! I like your reviews too :)

  13. I enjoy all your posts. :) I agree with what Wendi does; make your blog what you want. The people that will follow you will love you and your blog for what you give.

    Thanks for the inspiration you give me. :)

  14. I think you should still do them. I love reading reviews just for general knowledge... even if I personally don't need/like the product!

    Love the look btw :)

  15. OMG this is gorgeous!! it really is!! I luv this color combo..I really want to try it! You have amazing blending skills!

  16. I never thought to pair blues and greens, but when you pick the right colours for each it looks really pretty :)

  17. I love this combo! I've loved your reviews so far, so I say, keep on.