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January 21, 2011

Evil Shades - Pin-up collection preview =)

Hey everyone.. as you know, I'm in the process of photographing the Evil Shades collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. I received the soon-to-be-released Pin-up collection and I am looooving it! Today I decided to use Vavavoom (the green), Bombshell (the neutral), Whisper (light purple), and the lipstick Silk Stockings, a pink-y neutral that has a definite blue sheen. They are all my favorite in the collection, but the other colors are GREAT as well. I'd say Vavavoom is the winner in terms of 'I CAN'T. STOP. LOOKING.' It's jungle green with this crazy microscopic rainbow and gold sparkle. Bombshell is one of the best neutrals.. it goes on so smoothly and has a slight blue sheen. I think anyone could wear it. It can also be used as a highlighter! I plan on posting the pictures as I go through with the project... but it might be a slow process.. ALSO I am waiting to hear back about a camera =)

I used:
UDPP and PE as uze
- Vavavoom on the outer lid and crease, pressed onto lower lashline over PE
- Bombshell on inner lid, inner v, and inner lower lashline.
- Whisper in the middle, where green and neutral meet, also used to blend and under brow
- The white Sallygirl baked eyeshadow under brow
- Silk Stockings on lips, with a touch of Bombshell on cupids bow =)
- Meow Cosmetics blush in Livid Lilac
- Physicians Formula - Mineral Glow Pearls on cheekbones to highlight
- Clearly in need of new mascara so it doesn't matter what I used haha

I think it's pretty clear which ones were taken in daylight/flash !

This blurred pic (below) is included to show the rainbow sparkle I was talking about!

See ya soon!


  1. This is super pretty! I've probably said this before but you look great in green!

  2. thanks g!! i was considering renaming my blog 'queen of green' but then later thought that it would be kinda dumb.. haha. i just always end up using green! in more than one way haha.

  3. Beautiful look!

    Vavavoom looked amazing on Phyrra's swatches but on eyes it's pure love <3

    Hehe I saw a girl today who reminded me of you. Her hair was just like yours but with purple highlights where you've got blue :)

  4. Mmm pretty sparkles! Your lips look lush too! From what ive seen of the collection, Wiggle dress looks too good to be true!

  5. keijukainen - that's so nice, thanks! did you see the girl irl? i feel like the haircut i have can make a lot of girls look similar, even if they don't look alike at all. also, i am going to try and get it purple tonight!

    Aoife - thanks! yeah wiggle dress is really unique. i can't wait to use it. hey, how do you say your name?

  6. Yeah, I saw her at a grocery store here. She had brown eyes and long almost black hair with bangs but I agree, the hairstyle is probably what made me think of you :)

  7. I'm loving Evil shades! I have so much to say about them but that just about sums it up :P!

  8. Lol its pronounced like ee-fa! Its a very common name in Ireland, but when I used to live in England no-one had a CLUE how to say my name!

  9. I absolutely love these colors on you!