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January 24, 2011

more looks from a few weeks ago!

Hi again! Today I'm going to share some looks that never got posted due to laziness and lack of motivation, honestly. I created a badass look yesterday that I didn't photograph, so I plan on recreating it again today so I can share it!

I am in need of suggestions for mascara. I want a smooth formula with an easy-to-use brush. i typically hate the plasic/rubber brushes, but I found I LOVED using Urban Decay's Skyscraper mascara.. with a rubber brush. I guess it's all in the shape. I'm stuck using 'The Falsies' mascara for now, since the other one I'd been using dried up ALREADY.. thanks a lot dry climate Boulder, CO. What kind of mascara do you love? Only suggest the best.

- AL - Mistletoe applied to crease, outer lid, and outer v area, lower lashline.
- AL - Nasturtium on inner top lid and middle lower lashline.
- AL - Seed Pearl on inner v, and used to blend.
- Rimmel pencil liner in Black Gold.
I love the way this pic turned out, the colors and texture are cool.

-2- Very simple, yet interesting liner look!
UDPP and Pe
- AL - Maiden all over eye area
- Rimmel pencil liner in Emerald.. I think that's what it's called.. =)
TIP - When using a pencil liner, it's sometimes difficult to get a nicely defined 'wing'. Instead of getting pissed trying to make it perfect, I used a tiny angled brush to smudge the liner into a wing.. sometimes using a shadow of similar color.
- 3 various greens. You can use whatever colors you like to make it your own.
- Urban Decay - Smog, lightly patted on lower lashline
- SallyGirl baked eyeshadow in white outside of inner v and under brow



  1. Im in love with both of these looks! I really need to start using more colour when it comes to my eyeshadow! You look super pretty in the green liner photo :)

  2. So pretty!!! I love the way you applied the liners....awesome!

  3. I love the green eyeliner look - very pretty!
    Stop being lazy Elizabeth (haha, I'm such a hypocrite), your looks and posts are too amazing to deprive us all! Kidding, real life does that to us but at least you're getting around to posting now (:

  4. Both incredible!! I love the first, just gorgeous. I'm so jealous of you dark eyed ladies who look so great in red shadows. The second is more simple but just as pretty.

  5. I love both looks, but that simple green liner look is amazingly beautiful! What have you got on your lips in that one? I may have missed it...

    As for mascara, my HG is the humble Cover Girl Super Thick Lash. It's kind of an 'old school' mascara and doesn't get much hype. But I love it. The brush is not the new fangled plasticky type, and it gives wonderful volume, and it doesn't smudge on me. Plus you don't need an act of Congress to take it off. :)

  6. Especially loving that green liner look! Soo pretty!

  7. I love the last look. It's so simple but gorgeous!

  8. Both are gorgeous, but my favorite is the first look! I'm a sucker for pinks/roses/purples, and it is so good!

  9. I'm near Boulder myself, like a natural yet defined lash. Plushlash by MAC is great! I just ordered Mascara X today and I'll let you know how that goes :)