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January 3, 2011

Ancient Oils - An Etsy shop product review !

Hey laydeez! (or dudes, speak up cuz I really don't believe guys read this) About a month ago, I contacted Lilly from Ancient Oils on Etsy about reviewing her products. I found her shop through searching for mud masks. I loved the themes of spirituality, goddesses, and natural earthy oils that she uses in her products and packaging. I also love the affordability and that her ingredient list on each product isn't a million lines long of stuff I've never heard of! Soon after our initial mails, she sent me a nice little package of goodies that I ripped open immediately. It contained samples of 3 things, which I will list below individually, then review. Enjoy ! and don't forget to visit Ancient Oils shop!
- Aphrodite Facial Mud Mask - "Mud from the Dead Sea has a high salt and mineral content, all of which are essential to the body. The mud infuses the skin with minerals leaving it clean, refreshed and hydrated. Dead Sea mud not only hydrates the skin but also exfoliates leaving you looking and feeling healthier."

Ingredients: Dead Sea Mud, Rose Water, and Rhassoul Clay

- Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess Oil Blend Nail Formula - "Bast nail formula is designed to help nourish and restore healthy looking nails. This quick absorbing oil blend has a pleasant citrusy scent. This unique Goddess Oil blend helps to replenish dry, cracked, and brittle nails while smoothing cuticles."

- Divine Kiss Bath Salt for Universal Oneness - "Divine Kiss" is a combination of essential oils to release mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. The blend is design to help establish a sense of oneness with the universe and its creator. Therefore, enabling us to be open to receiving and sharing Divine love.

This unique blend of Sea Salts, Rose petals and mood enhancing Essential Oils creates a relaxing experience that will soften your skin, restore energy levels, balance the lower chakras, while releasing toxins from the body."

How to use:
Use before meditation to enhance the connection and instill inner peace. Divine Kiss is also great for relaxing and freeing the mind after a long day at work"

               -------------------The Review-------------------

Mud Mask - I received enough Aphrodite for 3 uses. I used it once each week. I slathered it on, waited til it dried, and washed it off using a washcloth and warm water. Immediately, my skin looked fresh and just better in general! I feel like this stuff ACTUALLY WORKS in helping unclog pores and maintaining nice skin texture. I have very, very sensitive skin so I am typically wary about what I put on it. This stuff is amazing. My only issue, currently, is that the exact sample I got doesn't seem to be in the shop. There is a dry Rhassoul clay mixture for sale as 'Aphrodite', but it doesn't contain Dead Sea mud or rose water.. I let Lilly know so hopefully The sample I got will be available! I really hope you guys will try this mask. DID I MENTION THAT IT IS ONLY $6 ???? I MEAN DAMN.

Bast Nail Oil - I received a sample size of the nail oil and used it before bed for 1 week. It contains wheat germ oil, frankincense, myrhh, and lemon. The last 3 aren't typically used for moisturizing, but they sure do smell good. Since Colorado is extremely dry right now, it's a good time to test nail oils =) sadly, as wonderful as this smells, it didn't pass the test. I think if it contained 1 more moisturizing oil such as sweet almond, it'd be more effective. I will certainly continue using my sample until it's gone because it smells SO INTOXICATING. - $12.50

Divine Kiss Bath Salt - MMMmmmm... This salt smells DIVINE. It contains a small amount of patchouli.. like, the best amount of patchouli ever, in anything. I am not a BIG big fan of it, but I love it when used sparingly. Divine Kiss smells sweetly earthy.. containing one of my favorite scent oils of all time: GERANIUM. It came in a little reusable bag that i hung on the running water faucet. when the bath was done filling, everything has dissolved into the bath, leaving a nice light scent. It doesn't stick to your skin at all, but will leave the lightest-ever after smell of patchouli in your tub for approximately 1 day =) I would definitely use this again.  - $8.50

Thanks for reading.. I hope this review has enticed you to try the Mud Mask.. IT RULES!! Visit Ancient Oils!

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  1. The clay mask sounds especially nice. I think I will have to try it!