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January 19, 2011


Real life update: This may be a little personal, but I'm not really worried about it.. I got my copper Paragard IUD removed last week. No big deal, but the removal made me feel like a normal person again! I realize it didn't have any hormones, but it sure did fuck with me. I was having some serious fatigue and depression issues on top of constant irritability and heavy, painful periods but like.. as soon as it was out, I felt it all melt away.. it's like a demon left my body HA! So now I am without permanent 'birth control', and I'm fine with that. I'm positive I won't be taking pills of any kind and I am considering charting my cycle so I know what's up with my body.

Some other things in life have changed as well, like.. Michael and I signed up for a family membership at the YMCA! We've been exercising every other day and it has improved our quality of life IMMENSELY.. so I am very thankful. Who knew it was SO easy to be happier? I am feeling generally thankful and more conscious lately, and feel like I can do anything I want.. so I will.

I have a few looks backed up STILL, but today is the day I want to post my blue hair and makeup. I also went on a small shopping trip with my mom last night so I hope to post a few outfits, I hope I can inspire a few people.

My hair is flipped up so you can see more of the blue.. I lightened and blue'd the back 2 sections of roots the day after these pics were taken.. as I had only done the front 2 sections.

**For this makeup look, I only used 3 shadows so it was very simple. I used Fyrinnae's La Noche in the crease, outer v, lower lashline and pressed on top of black pencil eyeliner. I used another Fyrinnae shadow - Equality on the lid and inner v. Since it is such a glittery shadow that MUST be applied to a sticky base, I used the white SallyGirl baked eyeshadow to blend and to highlight around the eye area**

Thanks for looking!


  1. Blue hair is so hawt on you! *jealous*

  2. Look at you and your sexay blueness! Exercising helps with soo many aspects of your life it's almost insane. Glad you guys have been more active. The benefits will get better over time too. Memory, sex, self esteem, tiredness and overall happiness is immensely improved with exercise. I think that's why I've been addicted to it for so many years. I start to feel down when I don't work out for a while.

    You should have Michael get a vasectomy. :-P I'm gonna have Jas do it after we have our first kid. We only want one and I don't wanna bother with any form of BC every again!

    I think hell just froze over...I bought nail polish...dun dun dun! I haven't used it yet tho. My dumbass forgot to get polish remover. Cuz I r smart!

  3. I love the blue hair! and yay for the iud removal. I hope that things continue to look up for you! hugs

  4. Agreed...that blue hair looks great on you!

  5. I really love how you used La Noche to line. Love the blues :) It's good to hear how the IUD worked for you, I've had several people suggest it to me. I'm currently trying out Nuvaring, but this is my first month on it.

  6. I *love* blue hair on you! And La Noche really brings out your gorgeous eye colour!

  7. You're making me want to make my hair more colorful so I can match my hair to my eyes! Cute look :)

  8. I agree with everyone: love the look, love La Noche as a liner and especially love your blue hair!

  9. I love the blue hair! It's so cute on you!

    Glad you're doing well. Wish I could say the same.

  10. I could scream over how amazing the blue hair and your look is together! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I'm so glad you're feeling much better overall! Ugh, birth control, I was going to get one of those implant things but decided against it - it sounds too iffy. So I'm on the pill. What I do is I try to skip one month of taking it so it gives my body a bit of a rest. Not sure that's entirely good for you but it's what my mother recommended, haha! Still, hope everything stabilizes now for you (:

    Is exercising with your boyfriend weird in any way? Mine wants to be "gym buddies" when he returns (3 and a half more weeks, ugh!). I'm questioning whether this is a good thing to do, like the step you take before moving in together. Hmmm.

    We should talk more outside of comments by the way, just a thought (:

  11. Your hair is awesome! And this eye look is very pretty. :)

  12. Holy crap your hair looks FANASTIC!!!

  13. THE HAIR! It's beautiful! I wish I could do that, but I don't think it would fly in my line of work.

  14. I LOOOOVE Your hair!! :D you have my dream hair colors. :D

  15. La Noche is amazeballs with your hair! You look amazing.

    I need to excercise :S

  16. 17 comments, DZANG! thanks to everyone who said nice things!

    BLIX - dude a vasectomy is such a good idea.. it's also less intense than getting 'tubes tied'. also, what color/brand np did you guy?? i got a really freaking cool one from Zoya that i want to show you!

    Basht - I hope the same for you.. i hope all the sickness clears up QUICK!

    Phyrra - hm.. i did consider nuvaring, but i don't want anything that involves hormones. i think we're just going to use condoms.. they are so under rated!

    dull flame - girl i read about your job loss and i am really sorry to hear it. i will send some magic your way..

    Suki - i want to hear your scream haha!!! i have had my fair share of experience with multiple birth control methods, pills, etc. i'm so done with all of it. i don't believe that if i am healthy, i need to be putting fake stuff in my body. it's cool for others, but it doesn't feel right.

    it's actually not weird exercising together AT ALL, in fact it's pretty fun to go with someone rather than go alone. since it raises endorphins, we end up feeling good together at the same time so that's a really nice thing. i would say go try it out a few times!

    also yes i am totally down to chat anytime! you can email me elizabeth divine at g mail dot com, and my AIM name is lolcatshaha. that is for anyone who ever wants to chat, actually!