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January 24, 2011

Random urge to post, LadycrowX giveaway, and Gala Darling

So, y'all might remember my Zing salon review. I just looked at my 'stats' for the first time in over a month and somehow, that single post has 1,785 views.. while all the rest of my posts have under 100 views. I wonder if it's the salon people looking at it constantly or potential clients of the salon. I feel kind of bad about having one really negative review up but like.. the experience sucked haha. It's just weird that it's getting the most attention because that's not what my blog is about.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the direction I want my blog to go in. I enjoy posting pretty makeup looks and stuff, but I also want to post things that could have a potential positive impact on someone/multiple someones.. I am constantly trying to learn new ways to live, better ways to handle shitty situations, and improve my quality of life in general. Right now, my life goal is all about breaking through old patterns and living consciously. Total hippie shit, but whatever.. it's important! On the makeup side, I'm all about improving my skills and trying to get the best quality photos. Anyway, I might begin posting about the things that happen in my life that I learn from. It'll be cool to read my posts years from now. (or embarrassing haha, remember livejournal?)

**i JUST signed up for Gala Darlings Radical Self-Love Workshop!! Go here - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!**

Also, I want to share that LadycrowX is having a totally badical giveaway, ending TOMORROW. So get your asses on over to her blog to sign up!! - - Seriously, the prizes are so worth it. I can't even....

Yo makeupbloggerland, I want to see you looking happier in your pictures! Stop pouting and looking like you hate your life! People want the best for you!



  1. Haha that's kinda funny... my sister always says I do a pout thing in my pics, she doesn't think they look like me. I disagree, I think they look like me all right, but I'm just making a certain expression. I feel goofy when I smile in makeup pics, and since my pics are supposed to showcase my makeup, I'll make whatever expression I feel will highlight the look the best, ya know? But sometimes I guess she's right? Maybe I'll try to smile more lol..

  2. i never noticed that you did that!

  3. I need to work on living consciously, and I am all over some "hippie shit," so I say do it. :)

    That Gala workshop looks pretty neat! I'm tempted to sign up, too.