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January 14, 2011

3 looks, backed up from me not posting enough

Instead of each look getting it's own post, I'll just post a few pics from each so I can get caught up. I seriously have like 10 more! And my blue hair pics are coming soon!

Look 1- Main shadow used on lid was Aromaleigh's Elodie, among other AL greens.

Look 2- Main shadow used was Fyrinnae - Equality with Detrivore - Critter on lashlines

Look 3- Main shadow used was Detrivore - Dormant and on lower lashline Aromaleigh - Meliora. Fyrinnae - Equality is on inner and outer V.



  1. I really love the last blue look, wow! And greens against your eyes are so nice!

  2. yeşil renk çok hoş olmuş,mavi far da çok güzel .:)

  3. I love these looks! Can't wait to see your blue hair.

  4. I love the Elodie look - you do look really gorgeous in greens. And dw about it, I post a million looks all at once all the time - I'd never post if I didn't!

  5. These are all so beautiful! The Elodie look is gorgeous, and you're stunning in blues!