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January 3, 2011


Dudes, I am way into my birthday. It's like the only time it's acceptable to be like, 'HEY, ME.' I love my birthday, unlike some people who are afraid of getting old and don't like their birthday. I LOVE the attention, and gifts, and having all my favorite people get together at the same time!!! I wish I could get all my blogger/message board/Texas friends together but I'm not rich enough for that yet. I will post links to stuff I've been wanting, need, or just enjoy looking at. I made a ModCloth wishlist, so if you are feeling like looking at cute clothing that I like, here it is:
-elizabeth's ModCloth Wishlist
- Wesc Lime headphones
- Dark wood table and chairs
- Fyrinnae wishlist
- A new Comforter for our bed.. a headboard, a nightstand for Michael.. god the list goes on.

I don't think I'll ever stop wanting stuff to make our house IDEAL.

Currently listening to: I just called to say I love you - Stevie Wonder. On: Grooveshark

Here's a look from a few days before X-mas.. it was REALLY EASY. The only day I intended to be festive was X-mas day, with all the glitter. I unintentionally ended up using green like, every day for a week haha. So this look, and a few up coming posts will all included some form of green shadow. I'm really excited to share the navy/lime green look I did =) You guys, I think tonight is the night I color my hair purple.

I used:
-UDPP and PE as uze
- AL Hyperion in inner v and above lid/crease
- AL Theia on outer lid and middle lower lashline
- AL Hades in crease and outer lid, lower lashline
- I've been switching between Urban Decay blush in Fetish, and Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac - this time I used Fetish
-LIPS - I forgot! But it was nice!

more to come! <3


  1. OMG if your eyes were any more perfect I would die! Love the entire look!
    Oh and just for you:
    kistówaa amo matsówaakii

    You are beautiful!

  2. I feel the same way about my birthday too! It's a day that is ALL ABOUT YOU!!! Beautiful look as always!

  3. This looks lovely on you!! :D

  4. hahaha I'm one of those birthday haters. I'm not too fond of people fussing over me for some reason, I'd rather be ignored lol.
    I love how you used Hyperion! It looks cool as the inner colour and crease blendybits! :)

  5. You look good in just about any color you wear! I especially like the greens on you :-D

  6. As far as birthdays go, I don't care if it's mine or someone else's as long as there's cake :D

    My boyfriend bought those headphones in yellow from PacSun. I love making lists of things I want, hehe.

    Preeeetty look!